Thursday, November 11, 2010

SKEPTICON Here we come!

Skepticon is the largest skeptic and atheist convention held in the Midwestern United States. Guest speakers are invited to discuss atheism, skepticism, and other related topics. This free event is sponsored by the Missouri State Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and is held on the campus of Missouri State University. There have been two iterations of Skepticon, the most recent held on November 20th and 21st, 2009. Skepticon III is scheduled for November 19th-21st, 2010.

Jerry and I are headed to Skepticon 3 this year! (THANK YOU to the inlaws for staying at the house with the kids while we are gone!) We are looking forward to the stimulating conversation, the atheist humor, and an entire room full of like-minded diners!  And we don't even have to take the RV!  lol

The Amazing James Randi
The Amazing James Randi, PZ Myers of Pharyngula fame, Dan Barker, Richard Carrier, John Corvino, Brother Sam Singleton  the atheist evangelist, Rebecca Watson of Skepchick fame, and many more names are on the SPEAKER LIST!  My husband and I have been fans of several of these folks for years and are looking forward to hearing them speak!

Atheists are such a minority in this country. It's truly amazing to me the strong division in the United States between the believers and the non-believers. If one were to rely on the internet to test the temperature of the country, one would be tempted to say that there is very little to be found in the mid-temperatures.

Maybe I'm just living right. Certainly I have found both the fundamental believer and the angry atheist in my travels, but, for the most part, honestly, I have found people to be good and kind and somewhere in the middle, or at least fairly tolerant of those with differences of opinion...
Respectful, even.

There's no doubt we're in the minority, though, and BOY are we looking forward to conversation about REASON, SENSE, LOGIC, HUMOR, JOY, and GENERAL GOODNESS.

Looking forward to it!!!!!

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  1. Loving the blog name change!
    And you are so lucky! You must blog about it, and get TONS of pictures. :)


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