Friday, January 7, 2011

What is So Wrong About the Public School System?

Go to "Google" and type that question in "What is so wrong about the public school system?"
See what you find.
Go ahead.
I'll wait...

Oh dear, I got 35,000,000 hits on that question!
35,000,000 people who are all interested in publicly reporting their opinions on the matter.
I guess that makes me 35,000,001.

What is wrong with the public school system from our point of view?  Because that is what people really mean when they ask me this question.  They mean, "Why do you think that YOU are so special that the public school system isn't good enough for you?"

My answer:  because I choose it to be so.

We could be there.  We could be in the school, following a curriculum created by the state, the school district, someone ELSE.  We could be in the federally-funded building, subject to someone else's agenda; because, make no mistake, a public school is a government institution.  My children could be in that building where "learning" is entirely for the purpose of passing a test.  My child could be sitting in that room where the students read out of the book to one another and each child recreates significant bits of data onto another piece of paper.  My children could be in the school where children were subject to dubious "socialization".  We are all familiar with the terms underfunded, understaffed.

Instead, we choose to pursue information in our own way.  We choose to chase wisdom in the winds.  We choose to create our own sense of who we are and what is important.  We choose to avoid "dumbing down" information and allow our children to rise to the levels necessary to comprehend information.  We choose to keep our standards high, to keep our expectations high, and to keep this family high on the list of what is important.

I honestly and truly appreciate the wonderful teachers that I was fortunate enough to have while I was in school.  I remember Mrs. Stork, Mrs. Rompel, Mrs. Beisegel, Jane Mueth, and several others very fondly and with appreciation..  They truly helped me to become who I am today.
I am not here to DIS the schools, only to EMBRACE homeschooling!

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  1. They are movies being made left and right now about this very topic *What is wrong with the public school system*. So it seems really silly that we as homeschoolers have to deal with that question. We should get shirts made up that say "Wanna know why I homeschool, try Google". LOL.


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