Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Good night...we have all heard them!  The horrific stories and idea floating around in the brains of the non-homeschooling families.  Ideas and stories that prevent them from understand how in the world we do this!  I think of them as urban homeschool myths!  You probably know many more than I do.  But let's start with these few: 

1.  Homeschool children won't know how to interact with other people. 
We do not live in caves!  Nor do we live in unincorporated Hooterville.  We live within mere feet of our neighbors!  We go to plays, parks, stores, people's homes, co ops, libraries, scouts, pools, team sporting events, churches, camps, classes, stables, community centers, and many other places where people like to congregate.  I, in fact, am PROUD of how my children interact with other people.  They act kind.  Polite.  Friendly.  Although, it is true, they would have difficulty if expected to behave with a "pack" mentality - because they are such independent thinkers!
2.  Homeschooling is so expensive!
Well, there are expenses to homeschooling.  AND we don't have the "benefit" of first-of-year fundraising!  But, for most families that I know, FRUGALITY is their middle name!  There certainly are expensive materials to be had.  There is no doubt that it costs money to provide pens, pencils, paper, and a decent computer to your child.  But many great materials are available for free, on the cheap, or on loan from our wonderful library system!  (Including the computer!)  Used materials are often cheap or free for the having!  Our co op often has parents bringing in materials that they are offering for the taking.  St. Louis Homeschool Resources, and other places too, offer gently-used materials for very reasonable prices.
3.   I couldn't stand being with my child all day!  I look forward to them going to school!
Seriously, this one always hits me wrong!  So I won't address the parts of it that bother me, all I will say is that my world is so much brighter because I DO get to be with my children all day!  Furthermore, until you are able to spend uninterrupted time with your child, you won't believe how enjoyable it can be.
4.  I wouldn't be any good at it.
Well, sure you would!  ALL parents are educators.  And anyone who takes the reins and chooses to move forward with homeschooling with take the time to learn and learn and learn!  If you WERE a homeschooling parent, you would GET good!  Not in a day.  Not in a week.  But eventually, you would get good.  Just like you eventually get good at all of the meaningful and important things you undertake.
5.  I'm not smart enough.
Okay, enough of that!  Let's begin by saying that being a parent is DIFFICULT and if you have managed to teach your child how to tie his shoe, wash his hair, ride a bike, and sing his ABCs, you have taught your child!   If you have kept your books, cooked your meals, acquired housing and transportation, and you are able to get medical care when necessary...GIRL, you are smart enough!  There are enough hoops involved in just living, aren't there!
6.  My kids will be weird!
Well, you got me there!  But, really, all kids are weird!  Your child will have their own, unique brand of weirdness if they homeschool.  It won't be the weirdness of the pack.  So, actually, your kids will be weird, in a good way, whether he homeschools or not!

You will make mistakes and you will fail.  And you will learn.  There are many, many resources for parents and, if you want to, you certainly CAN teach your child!
My point here is that, for all of the "reasons" why some parents find homeschooling so distasteful, I find these same reasons to be a part of what I love about homeschooling!  And a part of why my children vociferously REFUSE to even consider public school!  LOL

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  1. #2: I've talked to moms who did both public and homeshooling and they remark that they spend LESS homeschooling then they did when their children where public schooled. Mostly from overpriced field trips that the parents couldn't even attend because they weren't allowed to bring the little ones in their family along as well. Then school supplies, classroom supplies that seem teachers require the first week of school, income lost from having to miss work for sick days, conferences, etc. Homeschooling being expensive is just as funny as the thought process that homeschoolers must be rich in order to successful homeschool. Money doesn't equal a quality education.

    #3: I actually heard right after we had moved here remark the following: "What am I going to do with them home all day for the summer!" And then her and another mother went on to complain about the hassle of summer vacation. Which just floored me as I stood in the community parking lot listening to such...dislike for ones children with her children in total earshot! It makes sense why these children act the way they do. Yes my children can drive me crazy and I'm sure there are times I drive them crazy, but why on Earth give birth if you don't want anything to do with them? That is always what I come back to when I hear it. It's like well why have them if you are just going to hand them over at six years old?

    With #5 I think I would probably laugh in the persons face if they said that. Because the thought of someone not being smart enough to get a child through elementary school at least is just...funny. Especially since they would have to get this individual to adulthood regardless if they homeschool or not.

    And #6 I sure as hell hope so!! Weird is beautiful. :)


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