Thursday, June 30, 2011


What is not  "going viral" these days? A baseball catch, a baby cry, a puppy bark, a rude person...  The list is endless. Today it's a horrible email that a bride-to-be received from her future mother-in-law. There is, truly, no end to the rudeness that people will perpetrate.

Going viral doesn't have the significance that it aspires to have.

Why is it that obnoxious people and major accidents always seem to draw the audience? As yet I haven't seen a kick-ass lecture or a beautiful soprano solo "go viral". It's odd the things that people flock to view or to experience.

Just because a million people read Sarah Palin's emails today doesn't mean their roving interests won't be caught by what Avril wore tomorrow. People's interests are capricious and always on the look out for the next invidious moment of a friend or foe

Some people seem to actually seek attention on the "viral" front.  Which, ironically, makes them FAR less interesting than people who are more private. (and far more talented, as it happens.)

Anyway, my point is that I have heard of about ten things just this week that have "gone viral" and, so far, it hasn't made me stand up and take notice.
So, take THAT Good Morning America.

And so, on that morning when you ask me if I saw that funny beer commercial or did I watch "The Voice" or did I see that the pope tweeted, I will tell you emphatically, NO, I did not.
I'm not interested in what is "viral" today!!!!!

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  1. Johnny Depp..yum! And he is so private too which just makes him even more delicious. :)


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