Friday, November 11, 2011

Remember to Tip Your Wait Staff: Parenting

It's the end of the week and I'm looking back at the week in AWE at how much we did, even though all of us have been in various stages of "sick" for almost two weeks.

Being a homeschool mother is a fairly thankless task.  I don't actually expect "THANKS" from the kids or anything.  Well, maybe a little.  Kids just aren't aware of the work we parents do.  That's normal.  I certainly didn't appreciate my parents when I was young.

The thing is, as a homeschool parent, I am constantly thinking of the kids.  Preparing lessons.  Creating the work itself.  Driving us here or there.  Feeding or cleaning.  Arranging plans.  Keeping a calendar is a real TALENT!  Looking over work.  Working with the kids on lessons.  Frequent deep discussion about the world at large.  Researching everything.
Very little of what I do is not for my kids.  I KNOW.  All parents can say this.  I happen to be a homeschooling parent.

I admit that I am looking forward to that day, far in the future, when my children have children of their own.  I get that call I've been waiting for:

My Fantasy Adult Child:  Mom?
Me:  Yes, Honey?  How are you?  How are the kids?
My Fantasy Adult Child:  Mom...I'm exhausted.
Me:  I understand, Honey.
My Fantasy Adult Child:  How did you do it, Mom?  How did you do so much for us?  You were always there for us, calm, patient, creative, loving.  You were SO selfless.  You gave up so much for us and never let on.  I am so inspired by you and I'm sure I am a better parent because of you, Mom.  How did you do it, Momma?
Me:  Honey, what's going on?
My Fantasy Adult Child:  I can't do it, Mom!  I'm exhausted, I'm poor, and I haven't showered all week!  I haven't been able to find my purse for three days, I found my flip-flops in the dishwasher, the kitchen floor is so sticky I can tell what was eaten in the kitchen for the past week, I'm rinsing and reusing the same bra day after day because I can't find any others, and, yesterday, I made canned chicken noodle soup and mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch...and dinner!
Me:  I understand, Honey.
My Fantasy Adult Child:  Mom, I completely respect and admire the parent you were and the person you are!  Thank you!
Me:  *smile*

Listen, I can dream, can't I?
At this point, the kids have many chores and help out a great deal.  But, for the most part, they are blissfully unaware of how much work it is to be the parent.  For every lesson they work on, not only do I have the carrying out of that lesson, I have the research for and the preparation of that lesson.
Right, Moms and Dads?

Listen, I'm sounding a bit...whiny tonight.
Let me dream about that fantasy conversation with my adult child.


  1. It's like you have a camera in my house.


    Hang in there. If we were neighbors and I saw this post, I would immediately show up with coffee and cake.

  2. We aren't even sick and my house is a mess. I am putting texture on walls. So I get to choose. Housework or refurbish? One or the other. I choose refurbish for now. :)

    The most I can hope for at this point is to dig all the library materials out of the mess and turn them in just a little late. The mess itself will have to wait.

  3. :) I'm wondering if your own parents might appreciate a phone call just like that one?

    I know I called my own mom when my first was born. I still don't know how any of us "do it" other than "we don't have any choice. We have to live it, one day at a time."

  4. Of course!
    I make that call fairly often!


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