Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest Poster: Bonobo the Carlo of Randomness

I’ve been homeschooling for my whole life, not even preschool.  Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m not a pedestrian, 
I’m not walking. 
 So if someone hits me with a car,
 they will not have to pay a fine. 

Leaping Over a
Giant Kick Target 
of DooOOoooom
Today I have a guest blogger. My son, Bonobo, suggests that you “prepare for random, spontaneous comments”.
My favorite word is wistersnivet. Followed by flabbergasted. Followed by *pedestrionic. Love it.
No idea what else to say, so PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s perfect, brings tears to my eyes.
Now about homeschooling. I don’t know what my mother has gone over at this point.   
Homeschooling is complicated. There are a lot of different subjects to cover, just like in school. You get a lot of attention. You get to wear anything you want. It’s kind of hard to derail the subject when you are homeschooled, unlike in public school because it’s only you and your siblings. Your mom won’t let you get away with it!
And YES, I do have friends! No, they’re not just the neighbor’s dogs! They are human beings. I’d love to name some, but I can’t. I don’t have their permission or anything. Unless, of course, I gave them code names! Sword Master, Rabid Rabbit, Pokemon Master, Mr. Science, Mr. Minecraft, Fish Pie, Rebel, and so on.
I have this project that I am doing. I’m going to make this giant cardboard vehicle. Probably the bottom of it will be wood to support weight. I’m going to have Dad help. I need to figure out wheels. I need something, like a motor, to move the wheels. Also I will use duct tape and cardboard and make a hatch on the top of it because it will be for Nerf wars and for just being cool. I don’t know how I’m going to move it, but it ought to be cool! I’m going to make it!
*By the way, I made up the word pedestrionic.  It means random and spontaneous movement
  It's the one word that best describes ME!

What adorable thing has your child said lately?

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  1. Just tonight he said:
    Mom, could we just cuddle up together and watch an episode of "Nova Now"?


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