Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Response to a Friend

This pic is Elizabeth, age 6.  Happy 16th, Baby!
Just know that it's all fine.
Mom apologized and, well, there's more, but I just think I'll move along...
Thanks to the sordid mess with Mom this week I have had an exhausting week.  But I have also had some of the nicest conversations with strangers and friends that you can imagine! I send my sincere THANKS to every single person who tipped a hat, sent me a hug, or contacted me in some way to let me know that you are thinking about me.  I have been so moved by the kindness coming my way!
And so, LUCKY YOU, in case you aren't emotionally wrung out enough, I figure you deserve to know how it all ended. Unfortunately, I'm DONE with it. (as in "stick a fork in me, I'm done..") One day I'll come back and tell you more if you like, but I don't have it in me right now...

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  1. *huge hug*

    family disagreements are physically exhausting. Please be gentle with yourself.


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