Saturday, September 3, 2016

I'm Writing a Book

atheist parenting
I can't decide if this is a ridiculous idea or not, but I've decided to write a book for atheist parents. Does that sound crazy? Are there just too many books like that? Do I have anything at all to say? 

I don't know.
I know that the cool thing to do is to work on it and mention it just as it's about to be published...I'm not that cool.
There is nothing like writing to make you quite certain that you, actually, shouldn't be writing. Sorry for the crude metaphor but it's like hanging your ass out of the window and hoping that someone would pay to see it up close. Writing is such a vulnerable thing. Even writing a blog like this makes me feel quite vulnerable at times; now consider an entire book!

Do I have anything fresh to say? Yes, I thiiiiink I do.
Is my writing readable? I don't know, I hope so.

Would there be a market for a book on atheist parenting?
I think so. When I started parenting as an atheist almost twenty years ago I would have paid real dollars for a book like this. There are more books available now. But there are also more people coming out of the closet and looking for some guidance, community, wisdom...

I have to admit that I've been reading some atheist parenting books over the last month and I'm not very impressed with some of them; while I'm super impressed with others... 

So I started this project; I've been working on a book for a week or so and I'm fairly happy with it but I could use some input. What could I write about? What are subjects or topics or questions that interest you? What questions do you still have? What kind of information did you look for? Also, if I posted some questions or polls on this blog, would you answer them to help me out?

YES, I'm looking for ideas for more content.  :)

But even more, would you read a book by me? Would you recommend it to people? Am I too scattered to take seriously? Do I even need to be all that serious? I don't know...
I would truly LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you.

Please comment below OR send your comments to me at:
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  1. Hi Karen, you have a unique, thoughtful, caring voice to add to the books that are out there for atheist parents. I think there are some good books on atheist parenting now but I've personally not seen any books on the journey a mother raised in a religious family who manages to raise her children completely free from the shackles of religion. I have friends who have realised how damaging religion was in their lives yet are still afraid to stop their families dragging their kids into a world they have privately rejected. Your story, your plights and most importantly the great success story of your two free thinkers would be such an inspiration to them. My two cents :) Best of luck, Eugenia xx

  2. Hi Karen...I've just been getting to know you through your writings over the past few weeks. I feel our philosophies are aligned! I don't get the impression of a scattered mind at all. You've got it together and you are doing something with it. Atheist parenting could be the underlying theme of a book that would also tell your story. It would give you the freedom to get in to just about anything you wanted to write about. The most important chapter being atheist parenting but not limiting yourself will bring you more readers. Could give you an advantage over the "how to" authors. Whatever the subject, it's your carefully chosen words that will sell the book...infj4you

  3. As someone who decided her religious upbringing was to toxic to continue living and endorsing, I can tell you that I wish there had been a book that told me religions did not hold the one and true way to raise up a child. THAT held me back after I long decided it wasn't a good environment! If you need someone to review your book, I for one would be happy to read it and let you know my thoughts.

  4. Not crazy at all! I would totally read it. Granted, because of the husband, there's that half and half thing going on and thus my children are at the moment being somewhat indoctrinated but asides from that, I'm definitely interested in any sources on being an atheist raising kids.

  5. Hi. I think a book is a great idea! Topics I would love to see addressed: How do you build ritual into your family's life without the aid of religion? Finding supportive communities? And, the fearless aspect - how to take these leaps - whether it is the decision to home school, raising kids in foreign lands or raising kids in an atheist environment - all of those unconventional leaps and how to deal with not only the judgement from others (from yourself as well), but also doing it without alienating others in your life. And finally, and I am not sure this has happened to you - but, I know I have dealt with it, as the kids grow up - handling their questions of belief, or their personal spiritual journeys if that is what they decide is right for them?


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