Thursday, December 7, 2017

Your Holiday Charitable Donation

Last week when I was thinking how difficult it was to choose the perfect place to put my charitable donations lately?
There are SO MANY very worthy organizations.

Well, some of my friends are these AMAZING grassroots advocates for relief for families living in extreme poverty or in homeless situations. We have all gotten together to make a real dent in the problem here in St. Louis for some families within our ability to help.

Believe me, these people are the real deal, the people with amazing hearts. I'm delighted to be a minor partner with them.

If you are interested in donating dollars to a 100% SURE THING that your dollars are going to be used completely for the good of others, please send a few dollars to this paypal address:
Use "friends and family" so PayPal doesn't take out a fee.
Make your donations before December 15th so that these wonderful people can make essential purchases.

PLEASE JOIN ME in this effort to meet the needs of mothers with kids, small ones, infants, babies on the way.

 ~  I've sent mine!  ~ 

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