Thursday, February 8, 2018

Something YOU Can REALLY Do

You know how you listen to the problems all over the place and think, UGH, what can I really do to help, to really make a difference? I feel that way often whenever listening to the news. Huge, real problems and little old me wondering what I can do that is real and that will make a difference.

Well, I've got a small thing that you and I can do to make a difference for the Humanists in Milwaukee. Proceeds from all activism on the website will go to help
victims of rape and sexual assault. Really, RIGHT NOW.

If you and I simply donate a buck or two or ten we will be making grassroots differences in the greater Milwaukee area...and won't that feel great?!

The Brew City Benefit happens in Milwaukee, WI April 7th, 2018, benefiting RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), and helping to create a new Milwaukee Humanists group. DETAILS & DONATIONS:

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  1. Hey, thanks for this! Milwaukee is actually close enough I could go and it's something I can post in my freethinker's group to check out and donate to. Definitely plan to donate!


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