Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby name

I just read briefly about this baby name in New Zealand:

The odd thing isn't the baby name, it's that the state of New Zealand is thinking that they need to approve the name!
Is there NOTHING better to worry about?


  1. Aside from Lucifer I also wanted to name one of them Judas. I should have used those as their names on my blog. I really LOVE the name Judas honestly. He was so misunderstood. Little Judas and Lucifer. Ahh maybe I should have two more just so I can do it! LOL.

  2. I understand the humor, but I wouldn't want my children's lives saddled with the superstitions and hatreds associated with certain names like Lucifer or Judas. No John Wayne Gacys, or Typhoid Marys, or General Custers either. Imagine all those poor children named after W out there. I will have to overcome an immediate moment of aversion whenever I hear that. What a terrible thing to weigh a child down with.


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