Monday, September 19, 2011

What's it Like Being an Atheist?

It’s a lot like being the only sober person in a car full of drunk people,   
and they refuse to pull over and let you drive.

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 The interesting thing is, I seldom go through my day thinking of religion or gods or anything supernatural.  Dream reading, ghosts, tarot cards, talking to the dead, afterlives, prelives, for that matter, runes, angels, daemons, dream interpretation, Phrenology, palmistry, alchemy, Big Foot, Astrology, Crystals, crop circles, UFO abductions, Deja Vu,  faith healing, telekinesis, faith healings, reincarnation, palm reading, vampires, horoscopes, and the like. 

I'll just be moving through the day, rationally.  

Suddenly someone will say something about an angel thing or a prayer thing and I'm immediately like  


Oh yeah, people out there actually believe this stuff and it is meaningful for them...

 Here is an example:  I was as Walgreens earlier today and saw a DVD meant for TODDLERS explaining the beauty of God's creation...  I literally nearly tripped!

All I could think was:  ACK!!!


  1. I am not even an Atheist and I completely know what you mean. I make people specify. Is this going to be a scientific discussion or a metaphysical discussion or a tin foil hat panel--you know--so I know how to dress.

  2. Gotta catch 'em young, you know. :(


  3. Recently, a guy who had read this post told me, "When people ask me what it's like to be an atheist, I ask them if they believe in Zeus. When they say 'no', I say, 'it's exactly like that.'"
    Good one!

  4. What an excellent description.
    Thank you Karen, even though it was meant as humor, it appears to be dead on.

    And you know that when they say "no" it is really a "NO!" with the connotation of "Do you think I am absolutely crazy? Of course not, that is Greek Mythology--fake!"

    Thanks again!


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