Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts and Humanism

We're having one of those weeks.  FAR too much to do on each day.  It's a bit overwhelming just thinking about it...


The kids who are taking my English 1 class are SO inspiring!
I am offering an English 1 class to the kids on our co op (Who have already signed up and started the class) this semester and next.  One of the things they are to do is begin a blog to be used only for the class and for publishing their writing for my perusal only.  (Well, mine and their parents.)
I am enjoying them immensely!  Each child comes across so uniquely in his or her writing.
We are planning on reading some of the classic "freshman" reads this year, as well as a few different titles.  So far, I'm very excited!

I do hope to see more interested faces next week...LOL.

I have been working on a costume for John for a costume birthday party he is going to this week.
Have you ever heard of Gir?  He is a little character on Invader Zim cartoons.  John's favorite.  He looks like this:
I can promise you, my darling boy will NOT be looking quite like this.
I'm making the costume on the fly and it's looking a bit...weird.
I hope I can get it done and I hope I can get it done in a way that doesn't make him weep.
Laura or Ashlea, where are you!!!!

Laundry, lessons, cleaning, shopping, working on the bathroom remodel, working on lessons that I am preparing, working on the yard, and so many other forms of working...
Did I mention lessons?

As for HUMANISM, I've been listening to some good and not-so-good podcasts.  Still enjoying learning more.
At this website, I read this:

What Is Secular Humanism?

Secular Humanism is a term which has come into use in the last thirty years to describe a world view with the following elements and principles:
  • A conviction that dogmas, ideologies and traditions, whether religious, political or social, must be weighed and tested by each individual and not simply accepted on faith.
  • Commitment to the use of critical reason, factual evidence, and scientific methods of inquiry, rather than faith and mysticism, in seeking solutions to human problems and answers to important human questions.
  • A primary concern with fulfillment, growth, and creativity for both the individual and humankind in general.
  • A constant search for objective truth, with the understanding that new knowledge and experience constantly alter our imperfect perception of it.
  • A concern for this life and a commitment to making it meaningful through better understanding of ourselves, our history, our intellectual and artistic achievements, and the outlooks of those who differ from us.
  • A search for viable individual, social and political principles of ethical conduct, judging them on their ability to enhance human well-being and individual responsibility.
  • A conviction that with reason, an open marketplace of ideas, good will, and tolerance, progress can be made in building a better world for ourselves and our children. 

Do I have a conviction that dogmas, ideologies, and traditions must be weighted rather than accepted on faith?  YES.
Am I committed  to the use of critical reason rather than faith or mysticism?    YES
Am I in a constant search for truth?  YES
Do I believe that this life can be made better and more meaningful through connection with others?  YES
Do I believe that ethical principles are judged on their ability to enhance humanity?  YES
Do I believe that these principles can lead to a better world?  YES

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