Sunday, October 9, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Homeschooler

As a modality for homeschooling, we have been very eclectic for years.  Using materials from far and yon and where ever I could find materials that interested us and promoted further challenge.  Ever since Elizabeth became a "high schooler", I've been so frightened of being inadequate that we have been following a variety of textbooks day after day. 

With both kids, we have been studying textbooks that include the subjects:  Science, Math or Algebra, History, Grammar and Literature and Writing, and Critical Thinking.  With Elizabeth, we have textbooks and other regularly-used materials for Korean, Theater, Civics and Government, and English 1.  We also include art and music.  Same with John.

I'm trying to decide how I feel about this new way of homeschooling.
On one hand, I'm certain we are "covering the bases", on the other hand, I am equally as certain that I am squashing some passion and interest in other least, that is my fear of "schooling at home." 

The kids, however, are DOING THEIR WORK and completing lessons on the day they are assigned.  They are motivated to get their work done and they are self-starting as they get their materials together and start working.  They report and admit that they prefer this type of  structure.  In the past few weeks I have tried backing off on the structure.  Each of the kids, in their own way, has told me that they prefer the structure and and has asked me to keep it up.

I find it interesting that they prefer "school at home" homeschooling.  Earlier in our homeschooling careers this would never have flown and now they request it.  It's possible that I could have been doing this all of these years, to the betterment of the kids..?

It goes against my grain, to be honest.  I prefer the unschooling or eclectic approach to learning.  BUT, as this is THEIR journey, we are schooling at home.  This requires a great deal of preparation from me each evening or several times a week.  But the results have been surprising!  The kids get up, check their lessons for the day, prepare for their day, and get to work.   Who would have ever forseen that?!  lol

Our lives are different with this amount of scholastic time in the house.  I'm not sure how long I can keep up the exercise of operating INSIDE OF THE BOX!'s just not my speed. 
Let's just think of this as a learning experience...


  1. I've found we've become much more school-at-home with our 14 year old over the last few months; it feels very strange!

    As long as it works...and mama can bear the box :)

    1. And, DARN, I just had to relearn this one AGAIN!

  2. Well from what I'm learning in these early years is that the "school at home" thing doesn't seem to go over too well with the younger set. They are programmed to move, do, and explore in a very natural way at this age. I still have a bit of structure to ensure the basics. But I don't forsee textbooks on our book list for next year. Mostly just workbooks and reading materials. When they are older I'll up the structure because I think *just from what I've seen in other families* as kids grow they need that to help them get prepared for adulthood and they are aware of that. So I think you've done fine in my honest opinion. I think you gave them the room to grow and experiment when it was so very important *the younger years* and now as they are getting older than are tighten up those boot straps so to speak, and prepping for adult *where structure and accountability are VERY important skills to have*. So relax, from where I'm sitting you are doing great. And I've met your family so I can honestly say you have two great kids who are going into two great little adults. And wicked smart too ;)
    Oh and yes to the blogspeak names! :)

    1. Rayven, I think you are an awesome woman!


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