Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Little Homemade Love

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.  
~William Wordsworth

The kids are begging and begging me, "Mom, what do you want us to buy you for your birthday?"
And "PLEASE, Mom, what do you want?!  Nothing we make or write, PLEASE!"
And, "MOM, I have over fifty dollars that I want to spend on you!"
But the truth is, there is nothing that I want that I don't have.
The only things that mean ANYTHING to me are, truly, not things.

My heart and my life are so full of love. I have a wonderful husband who doesn't just TOLERATE my ways. He embraces them, love me for them. He quietly smiles as me and I know he truly understands. I know he loves me fully. I have children who are blossoming and becoming more and more each day. The fullness I feel for them is overwhelming.
I have my health, my home, my friends, enough.

For my birthday this year, I am hoping I get letters and home made gifts from my kids.
Because I will keep them in the drawer underneath my socks for many years. Because I will read and reread them until the paper becomes thin and threatens to fall apart at the creases. Because I will tape those seams and continue to hold them dear long after the kids have forgotten about them. Because these children are growing up so quickly that these days are far too short. Because the depth of their hearts are such gifts to me; they don't understand that yet.  And because I can never get enough of knowing them better.

Oh, and because I REALLY don't want a Roomba!


  1. I want a second bowl for My Mixer so I don't have to wait to make Frosting while I am baking the first batch of cupackes.

  2. Though the letters sound like a wonderful gift! MAybe you could ask them to put them into a book of some sort for you.

  3. I had thought about that...maybe I will!


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