Thursday, December 8, 2011

LINK 182, Worthy Reads

I have decided to hand over the keyboard to a few good blog posts I have read lately.

Who knows how we get to some blogs!  Shopping online for good socks to wear with blue jeans (STILL need some) and I find myself on someone's blog.  Looking at the headline news and, eventually, I'll be reading a blog somewhere in the world.  Drinking a cup of hot tea and a blog spontaneously opens up on my PC...

Anyway, who knows how it happens.  But when you find something worth reading, you wanna pass it along.
So, in the spirit of lending my good paperbacks to a friend, here are a few links to a few blogs that have had my attention lately.

If you read anything you enjoy, leave a comment.  Bloggers love that!
I hope you enjoy this Secular Thursday Offering!
This blogger is an atheist homeschooler who created a homeschooling co op and has found the politics of "secular" difficult to stand by.  It's thought-provoking and most of us can relate to the struggle.
This blogger is "coming out" as an atheist in the great state of Creation Museum, AHEM, I mean Kentucky.
Here is another blog I click onto from time to time.  She is a mom with some little ones and she seems to be exposing them to some great activities so that she is, truly, raising freethinkers.
This blog is one I shared on Facebook recently.  This blogger writes posts that never cease to touch me.  I'm sure, were we ever to meet, we'd be good friends!
This blogger, a friend of mine, managed to capture the sweetness of being a mother...those million small moments that stop us in our tracks...
And, if you are looking for a THINKING freethinker, look no further.  This blogger is one I go back to again and again for thought-provoking posts.


  1. Thank you! :)
    As for the post of the homeschooler that started a secular group, I feel her pain. Although I was out as an Atheist and I think that is what caused a lot of problems. The folks in the group didn't want to pay any dues or do any real work, they were content to have me do it all and then show up when it pleased them. I sent out countless emails letting them know that when the group got to a certain size I would have to start charing dues to handle the cost of throwing events that people woulnd't RSVP to and then show up (or who would RSVP and then NOT show up). A bunch of them threw fits and caused drama so I just said screw it and closed the whole thing down. Most of them went ahead and joined the Christian group (which charges dues and expects a certain level of particpation, and they did so without complaint!). A few others went and formed their own little group with plenty of bs and drama. I've found from the experience that trying deal with "inclusive" can be more work than it's worth. So I feel her pain...there is already a small community, and then you have to make a niche for yourself in that small community. Some days it's just so heartbreaking. There were plenty of times I heard things and just bit my tounge because I didn't want to cause any issues and the group was pretty much all Christian. I just dealt with it (and you know how hard that is for me!). Anyways, I'm rambling. Needless to say I'm happy it's over and I hope she has been able to be herself since that post.

  2. OMGosh Karen. That is a gigantic compliment. Thanks. Because I keep coming back here too. Again and again.

    The Atheists blogs are like coming up for air sometimes. I need that oxygen! My brain needs it, so I can regain some sanity and keep teaching my children in that free thinking tradition.

  3. And Ms Holmes--I know exactly what you speak of. Something like that happened to me. It wasn't quite as drama filled, but it was bad enough. I quit. They didn't figure it out til about a week ago that I wasn't showing up, or maintaining an e-mail list or anything. It's so frustrating and such a drain when group of people expect you to be their mom too.

    No thanks. Being a mom to my kids is job enough.

  4. Yes, Ms. Holmes, you are SO RIGHT.
    *tee hee*


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