Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yule Love It


It was good.
Yuletide Gymnastics
The celebrating was festive, the tree was sparkly, and the holiday was totally secular.
I only had one person ask me how secular people celebrate Christmas, and it wasn't "WHY" do we.
To begin with, our tree is smashing.  Our tree is sparkly and more sparkly.  It is quite pretty.  Several evenings, as the end of the night, I have just sat with the house lights out looking at our tree with the kids.
I should mention a few of our holiday family traditions.

Onto the tree, each person puts an object or two that is NOT an ornament, but fairly well blends into the tree.  We've had many eating utensils, pieces of jewelry, computer parts, flowers, bows, etc.  This year, the best piece, in my opinion, is my daughter's teeth mold from the orthodontist!  It is joined together by a ribbon and hung front and center.  If you didn't know it was a snaggle-tooth "before" ortho mold, you would just assume it is was another ornament.

We play several fun family games on the day that we have copied, created, or changed from other forms.  I don't "hide the pickle", I hide teh beautiful glass bird ornament.  It's SOOOO pretty.  We spend at least three hours playing a variety of games we have created.  Listen, from the youngest to the oldest, we all love this time together more than the gift-opening part of the day!

And today, the coolest of the cool.  My stepson, Tim, and Jerry have been building a secret contraption for the last few days together.  In the garage, in the basement, outside.
The first light of the NET CANNON just happened...HUGE HUGE SUCCESS!
One rule for the net cannon:  No firing it at Bonobo!
Bonobo says:  AW!!!!!

And now, each day is lengthening, the nights are getting shorter, and we are headed into the dark of winter.
Let's hope this winter is a good one!


  1. Every year I buy paper mache` ornaments and let the kids paint them and glitter them and then hang them on the tree. They love doing that.

  2. That's cool!
    I wonder what others have as their family rituals... Habits...LOL
    Let's hear from you!


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