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Homeschool Bloggers Carnival: Momma's Musing Moments About Homeschool

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Parents of homeschoolers must own up to at least one things we all have in common: we worry. We want the very best for our children and we do everything we can to ensure that.  

We research, read, discuss, debate, web surf, try new things, nearly going crazy trying to keep up with the newest statistics on homeschooling, not to mention the newest curriculum and material choices out there. The groups. The trips. The CASH spent. The doubts...

We fret and doubt and hope...and then it happens...the evidence!

Really, it comes down to that one moment. That moment that is usually not related to lessons at all, but that, nonetheless, confirms our choice to homeschool...beyond any shadow of a doubt. As Rayven from Ramblings of a Dysfunctional Homeschooler reminds us in "Conversations With the Kids". I know we can all relate to this type of moment!

It is those moments when our kids show us that amazing insight that stops us in our tracks. My daughter guest posted on my blog and I was amazed with the depth of her writing/thinking/feeling in "Homeschoolers are Weird". You might also like my post Anti-Homeschooling, an exasperated response to the socialization question.
I hope you read through some of my other posts too. I write a great deal about watching homeschool work in spite of my own the stress, insecurities, and doubt...

Those moments when simply communing with the world around us we are, again, certain of the homeschool lifestyle.  Gina from the My Ruby Slippers blog gives us a lovely eye into an afternoon to remember in Out of Door Life:  A Growing Time.
Gina, thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment!

Those times when our homeschooling lifestyle, unique and dynamic, brings us confidence and pride in what we are offering our children. On the Harvest Moon blog, Ann brings nature indoors and reveals the excitement of indepth learning in "How to Dissect an Owl Pellet." A totally cool activity, highly recommended! Ann, wonderful to see your homeschooling kids digging such a cool activity!

The activities we create and/or participate in bring a new understanding of the world and our connection to it.  Penelope Trunk, blogger extraordinaire, on her eponymously-named blog wrote "How I put Homeschooling on Reality TV," and reminds us the homeschoolers are REALLY out there doing great things! This blog is one of my faves!

Sometimes we need a small reminder that downtime is valuable and full of grow time. Nebby from the blog Letters from Nebby takes a moment to celebrate Charlotte Mason's brilliant understanding of this need for our children. In "The Need for Downtime," Nebby encourages us to spend a little time "down". Thanks for the reminder, Nebby.

Jamie of momSCHOOL blog reminds we homeschooling parents that devoting our hearts and energy to raising and educating our children can bring up new lessons for the parents as new stages of our children's lives speed past. Her post "It's So Scary --Preparing for College" is a post that every one of us will probably need to read (or write) sooner or later. Thanks, Jamie!''

On a blog post on Tea Time with Annie Kate, Annie wrote a post entitled "Our Summer School Goals" explaining just how her family decides what their family will be busy with this summer. Annie's blog is one of those blogs that parents will enjoy reading because it feels like home...a homeschooler's home. And it looks like their summer will be a blast!

Christine at Our Curious Home blog give us a comical reminder that understanding kids isn't always easy in her post "So Glad I Held my Tongue." Make sure to read other posts on her blog...she may just be your new best friend.

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Name: Depositphotos_5054611_m.jpg 
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ID: 1072On the Time4Learning blogs, homeschooling mom Dee asks this ethical question about "ReSelling Curriculum": Should I have the right to resell my materials knowing the publishers are not selling their new materials because of it?
Where do YOU stand on the question?

The talented blogger Gabriela of Luminous Fire - Our Homeschool Journal blog writes an inspired and moving post called Because We Can that will not only touch you, but will have you returning to her blog to read more!

The blog Homeschooling in Buffalo, written by Liz, offers this post entitled Homeschooling:  The Occasional Problem With Self-Paced Learning. All of us know, instinctively, that NO CHILD is "on grade" with all subjects. Some are ahead, some are behind, some are ahead in some and behind in others. Luckily, as homeschooling parents, we can see these "levels" and respect them! I'm happy to include this post in the carnival this week.

Cathy from Homeschool Scrapbook blog shares a post cleverly called Journal Entry 11 that describes perfectly one of those homeschooling days that makes us smile a secret smile for the loveliness! I hope Cathy starts writing more, she's great! Check out her musings!
Make sure to check out another of her posts called "Homeschoolers Playing School" for a chuckle...and a bit of parental wisdom!

On the blog On Planting Seeds... Kim offers a window into using Five in a  Row curriculum in this wonderful activity that she describes in her post Creating a Theme Basket:  The Swiss Family Robinson. What an inspiring project!

From the Cates, the REAL hosts (and creators) of the Carnival of Homeschool Blogs, they offer these posts:
Another reason NOT to send your special needs child to school
Why Homeschool

"Five Things I Hate About Homeschool and How I Deal With Them" by Jamie at Simple Homeschool blog will touch all of us! Homeschooling isn't for wimps and Jamie tells it like it is!  Thank you, Jamie, for allowing me to include this post in this week's carnival!

And, finally, Shirley at Our KONOS Adventure blog, in her post called Attentiveness - Week 1, celebrates one of those house messy/worth it moments in homeschooling.
Also check out the posts Learning is Fun and Vocabulary in KONOS.

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I have been absolutely delighted to hostess this week's Carnival of Homeschool Blogs!

I hope you have enjoyed these MOMENTS.
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