Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secular Thursday

The kids and I were doing some shopping today and we noticed the Australian stores having their holiday decorations and things up.  One of the store checkers told us "Happy Holiday!" with a lovely smile.  She was so sincere!  And I kept thinking about why some people get so uptight about the various options of how to wish a person joy during this upcoming season ~~ because she was SO sweet!

So, I get home and a friend had posted this on his Facebook page:

Now WHY anyone would have a problem with someone saying anything except for "Merry Christmas" is really a mystery to me.  I don't get the vehemence of such responses.  And, although this clip art states a "respect" for Kwanzaa and Chanukah, somehow it is still kind of rude about it.   So, here was my reply to my friend:

You don't HAVE to stop saying "Merry Christmas"!
Just understand that I have chosen to include
everyone in my happy seasonal wishes, including those who are not Christian.
I, in no way, mean my 'Happy Holidays' as a DIS to anyone. Instead, I prefer to acknowledge that many wonderful people have celebrations at this time of year and I wish them well.

So, be warned, it's here already!
Enjoy your holidays!


November 30th addendum. 
Bella Casa, a reader of this blog recommended this wonderful blog post for further thoughts on the matter from a blog called
The Fat Pastor I read some more of his blog.  I appreciate his ability to think critically about some religious doctrine and practices.


  1. Already?! UGH!! That's the one downside to this time of year, people who can't share the joyous season with others! They say they don't mind, but they do, they want it to be all about their beliefs. Instead of a celebration of EVERYONE. I'll just say Happy Holidays and if they don't like it then they can give me my greeting back. ;)

  2. As a Christian, I find "Happy Holidays" to be acceptable because it is all inclusive. I even find myself saying it, when I'd rather say Merry Christmas. Personally, I am more offended when someone wishes me a "Blessed Kwanzaa, assuming that since I am black, that is my "holiday" of choice. I am MOST offended by the poster equating Santa Clause with Christmas, while slamming other celebrations. I think that is hypocritical.

  3. Your response to the fb post was spot-on.

    Where I live, there are "Keep Christ in Christmas" bumper stickers everywhere. It always makes me want to stick one that says "Keep Sol in Solstice, the ORIGINAL winter holiday" next to it.

    1. That one is on my car right now! It makes ME happy. I think the solstice one would make me happy too.

    2. Have you seen the one with Han Solo that says "Keep the Han in Hanukkah"?

  4. Very timely, Karen. I was just looking at a similar rant in my facebook news feed. I like your very polite response, and I may borrow the general idea of it.

  5. Out of all the homeschool blog i was following at the beginning, you are one of the only one i still follow. You always seem to think what i am thinking. I really don't understand people being offended by "Happy holidays" What is wrong with somebody wanting to include everyone, its not like its written in peoples face what they celebrate...for me its more respectful. I wish we could just enjoy the holiday season instead of finding reasons to be mad.

    1. Veronique, THANK YOU! That means alot.
      I would be nice if we could just enjoy the season!

  6. Here is a good article about, "Happy Holidays", from a pastor:

    1. I LOVE it, Bella! I am adding this link to my original post!
      Thank you!


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