Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School: The "Godless" to Blame?

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In our powerlessness, we all want to find poignant information to fill the void. There is none, at this point... 

Let's be wise about what is spread around as "fact" because it undermines the truth of the event for the people involved. As friend said, In everything seek the truth.

NOTE:  "I get comfort from God"
and"I blame those
who do not get comfortfrom God"
are NOT the same thing.
But we all join in together as one, here on my blog, on Facebook, and on other social sources, in our grief, shock, and pain.

I don't know any solution for past or future horrific events and losses such as this. What I do know, it doesn't help a bit to point fingers or to blame any person or group that is different from you in your powerlessness.

It is NOT a "godless society" to blame. Please, all, do not post that meme that offers some "comfort" to you but blames the non-religious. It is simplistic and inaccurate.  And I'm going to tell you the truth, this hurts me.

I'm just saying:  if you are in stunned and frightened horror, as we all are, that doesn't change the fact that thinking "I get comfort from my god" is NOT the same as "I blame those who do not get comfort from my god."  My friends who have children, regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof, are all in a state of fear and shock and horror at how vulnerable we all feel when such violence and loss and terror enters the reality of our world.

One thing I DO know, it is not "godlessness" that has brought such shocking horror and imagined threats-around-the-corner into our lives. It is individual and ill minds and, most likely, mental illness that we must blame.

Let's be kind to one another. ♥


  1. Thank you, Karen, for saying this so simply and eloquently.

    1. And Thank YOU, Laura, for your lovely comment.


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