Thursday, December 13, 2012

Search Keywords

Bloggers know that we (bloggers) can go to certain websites and check out various statistics related to our blogs.  For example, yesterday I had 273 visitors to my blog. According to the stats, 107 of my visitrors came from the US, 77 from Australia, 22 from the UK, and so on.  I can use those statistics for....something, I'm sure!  LOL

Also using the statistics site, I can tell where people come from, in general, to get to my blog.  One of the most interesting pieces of information available to me is that statistic that tells me what people have searched for in their search engine, which terms or words that they have searched in order to find information, thus leading them to my blog.

The overwhelming number of people who come here by search engine seem to be people who are looking for information against homeschooling or against atheism.  (How surprised they must be to find a blog entitles "Homeschool Atheist Momma."  How they must have to refrain from posting negative comments...  Well, maybe.)  How do I know what people search for on their search engines and get here?  Because each day I get a list of the most popular search keywords used to bring readers to my blog site.
Interested in what brings people here?

The search keywords that are most often used that bring readers here are, in descending order:
  1. evolution
  2. homeschooling
  3. disadvantages of homeschooling
  4. anti atheist
  5. against homeschool
  6. against atheists
  7. how to blog against homeschooling
  8. explaining religion to my child
  9. anti homeschooling 
  10. with love and tolerance you will...
  11. against home schoolers, and, for some inexplicable reason,
  12. love my niece's feet (!)
From this information, there is no doubt in my mind that people "out there" are still looking for information to take down the homeschooling movement.  Or they are looking for data to prove a negative about homeschooling.  Why?  I don't know, but I do know that we still have to prove ourselves and we still have a ways to go before the stigma is reduced.
And, not surprisingly, people are still looking for ways to "take down" atheists.

The world is SO divided along so many different line...sometimes it even makes me, a peaceful person, feel like a warrior!


October 26, 2013 Update:
As for today, the most common Googled words and phrases that have brought surfers and readers to this blog today are:

  • Anti homeschool Blog
  • Against Homeschooling
  • Arguements (sic) for and Against Homeschooling
  • Atheist Mother Blog
  • Bad homesshool days
  • Being an atheist is hard
  • Examples of strong will, and
  • Why I Won't Homeschool


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  1. Wow! That really is interesting.


  2. I was looking at which entries people clicked on in the Carnival of Homeschooling this week - on the first day it was all the combative/controversial titles, on the second day the more reflective ones.

    On my knitting blog, I used to get strange searches, then I realized I'd made a misspelling in a tag.

  3. Hi there! I'm so glad I've found you! My name is Carreen and I homeschool my youngest of 3 daughters - fantastic adventures! I came across your blog because while my 'baby' is working on her ELA work, I wanted to research how to improve SEO/Traffic to my homeschooling blog! I wish I could tell you what 'search/keywords/phrases' I used, but I bet you can find it on your own!

    Anyway, not only do I always enjoy find new and cool homeschooling blogs, I DEFINITELY like your way of thinking! Although I do not label myself religiously at all and would rather remain label-free, it is a breath of fresh air to find homeschooling mamas such as yourself who do not 'cower' in shame but hold your head up high and your shoulders back! Remember the MLK Jr. adage, "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" - I am very like-minded in many of the views you have shared and likewise, try to speak what is on my mind and in my heart! On that note, you may like my latest post which speaks directly about social ignorance:

    I am going to add you to my bloglist. After you view my blog, if you feel I am a good fit, will you consider adding mine to yours?

    Peace Always and keep blogging!

    (btw - what brought you to Australia? We may be going abroad in another year for a teaching opportunity)

    1. Careen, if you look on the left side of my blog, you will see that I ALREADY added your blog! I did that yesterday when I read your blog post somewhere else. LOL I do thank you for adding my blog to yours though!

      I see you trying hard,doing the research to get your blog out there and I wish you luck. I really don't know the tricks for getting "blog traffic". I have tried a few things before thinking, Meh, what do I want traffic for? I like the readers that I have! LOL

      Every so often I do check the searches that bring people to my blog and it's SO OFTEn things like: disadvantages of homeschool, arguments against homeschool, etc. Maybe that will help you. But it confuses me! LOL

      Anyway, I'm so glad you are here and I love meeting other "like-minded" homeschoolers! I do hope to see you here more.


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