Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EVERY Family is Weird

The thing is, YES, our family is weird.

But that's not to say that your family isn't weird, because, in all honesty, every family is weird.

(John gave me that opening.  lol)

  • Maybe your family can't quite hide its small obsession with Star Trek.
  • Maybe your family uses the word ermagerd.
  • Maybe your family keeps it's spices in alphabetical order and it's towels are only white for easy bleaching.
  • Maybe your family has children sleeping under the table or in the tub or in the hallway or under the trampoline.
  • Maybe your family created a mini symphony.
  • Maybe you and your family are into dipping candles.
  • Maybe your family is awake all night and sleeps all day.
  • Maybe your family takes hunting trips and wears camo for fashion.
  • Maybe your family embraces oddities of behavior.
  • Maybe your family forms a bowling team called "Right Down Your Alley".
  • Maybe your family collects blow dryers.
  • Maybe your family members wear matching plaid outfits.
  • Maybe your family has seventeen locks on the front door.
  • Maybe your family members only talk by email.
  • Maybe your family has five cats that throw up all over the place.
  • Maybe your family makes up words as you speak and slip them into conversation.
  • Maybe your family has spray painted all over your living room walls and you like it like that.
  • Maybe your family has been sailing the ocean for months and hasn't seen land since last June.
  • Maybe like your family like uses the word like like always.
  • Maybe your family watches BBC black-and-white tv shows.
  • Maybe your family fits this entire list.
The point is that the better you get to know a family, the more idiosyncrasies become apparent.  Every family.  All of them.  Some families work harder to hide their individuality, like it is embarrassed to be unique.  

As for our family, we embrace ours.  We are very science fiction-y.  We love all things BBC.  We add costume pieces to our clothing.  We are kind of sensitive and dislike yelling.  We have odd sleeping hours.  Many of us color our hair unusual colors. 
The point is, we decided years ago to embrace those things that we actually like, no matter what popular opinion says.
So relax about the homeschool and/or the atheist thing.  Embrace the weird.

As my friend Rayven says:  Let your freak flag fly.


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  1. Love it! I fully embrace being weird and always have...teaching my daughter to embrace it is a wonderful thing. Our life is definitely not what others would choose but we love it!



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