Thursday, May 30, 2013

Suttons Park, Redcliffe QLD

John taught the kids
how to play Ninja
In case you have forgotten, we are American homeschoolers from the Midwest living in Brisbane Australia for a year. I was born and raised in Illinois. The state of Illinois is known as The Prairie State. 

As an Illinoian, I am used to extremes in temperatures through the seasons, living in the center of a huge continent, flat flat flat land, dusty roads, manmade lakes, suburbia, homogenous populations, and huge skies from the lack of having any discernible horizon. I didn't see an ocean until I was in my twenties. I grew up with fairly dark skies with the Milky Way front and center in the summer sky. Over the years we have lost that dark sky, but I remember it fondly. And I am used to a view that starts waaaay over there at that dusky flat line and continues waaaay over there to that other dusky flat line.

Here in Brisbane, I am living on the edge of a different huge continent! I live three minutes from the Brisbane River, ten minutes from Moreton Bay, less than half an hour from mountains, and forty minutes to the ocean! For me, living on the topography of this city is like having a surprise party every day. Who knows when I will drive over the crest of a road and come face-to-face with a truly amazing view of the city or the bay or a mountain! In fact, driving out of our subdivision we hit the crest of the road and see the CBD in all of its lighted-up glory right there a minute and a half away down the road.

Redcliffe Peninsula Map
My enthusiasm is a bit silly at times, I think, and I wonder when I will stop feeling like a kid in a lolly shop...  

Using the expression from one Brissie-Area friend, I've already been here for a donkey's age!

On Wednesdays John and I have been going up to the Redcliffe Peninsula for a park day at Suttons Beach with a fair-sized group of homeschooling families.  Suttons Beach is a gorgeous spot half way up the Redcliffe Peninsula, a beach in the middle of several miles of beach.  I'm pretty sure I have posted pics from this beach before, but I have a few more today that are pretty adorable.

America likes to call itself The Great Melting Pot, but I must beg to differ. In our short time here in Brisbane I have noticed that Brisbane is a city full of diversity. There are significant populations of people from Singapore and all of Malaysia, Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand and much of Oceania, Korea, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Holland, Scandinavia, England, Germany, Greece... Large groups of people who seem to truly live together in peace and equality. Our little play group is a little microcosm of this reality.

The beach yesterday was quite chilly and breezy. Kids were dressed in everything from flip-flops or thongs to woolies, coats, and hats! John and I started out having lunch at a little sushi place that has a model train pulling cars behind it with food choices. Patrons can select off of the cars what they want to eat. John had his favorite:  salmon and avo.

The Sushi Train

The scavenging Ibis

That last pic is a failed attempt at forced perspective. 
Oh well, we tried.

Then on to Suttons Beach.
It started out quite sunny but was quickly lost to overcast and cooling winds.
We love Suttons Beach, we love Brisbane.

Lucy, The Climber

LOTS of adorable little ones,
and Max on the ground

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