Sunday, August 25, 2013

Am I Doing Enough?


We seem to be "on hold" so much.  Moving, visiting, traveling, visiting, traveling....
Do I mean it when I say that our lives are education enough?
We haven't had a single lesson in months.  Am I satisfied with being de facto unschoolers?

As high school years move quickly past for Elizabeth, and as high school looms before us with John, I find myself in that place where a parent starts to doubt.  Maybe fear is more accurate.

On the jetty at Wellington Point QLD
Recently Elizabeth and I were looking at courses offered at our excellent local community college in St. Louis.  That type of college offers classes to SIXTEEN year olds.  And the classes that they offer are all of those courses to prepare a student for college.  Intro to Algebra, Composition, Intro to Biology, etc.  And I realized that once she takes two or three terms of those courses, she will be totally prepped for college.  Seriously.  All of those courses that I feared her missing were right there, available, affordable, and ready to get her up to speed in just a few short courses.

John and Ziggy at a recent party that we attended
So, if you are a high schooling homeschooler, check out what is offered to the dually-enrolled homeschooler at your community college.  (Being dually-enrolled means that a student is both a homeschooler and taking courses at a participating community college.) I think you will find that your teen will be totally up-to-speed for college after a couple of terms of these zero-level classes.  Check them out.

After reading the offerings at our local campus we were PSYCHED.

As for John, he is far more interested in traditional learning:  lectures, reading, documentaries, textbooks, etc.  I don't worry so much about him being ready, but I am still thrilled in knowing that the community colleges have our backs.


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  1. Sometimes, in the darkest of night, when I can't sleep, I begin to worry about the high school/homeschooling years. Yes, I am a bit premature in this worry since they are 5 and 2. But this gives me hope that those years will be great, too. And the offerings should only get better (hopefully) as the years progress, right? :-)


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