Thursday, August 22, 2013

Disadvantages of Homeschooling

disadvantages of homeschooling negatives against homeschooling criticism homeschool is weird
I've been thinking about the things that appeal to readers of my blog AND I've been thinking about ways to get more readers to my blog.  Let me explain why.

As for why I have been thinking about what appeals to my readers, the site that hosts my blog offers various metrics and statistics about many aspects of my personal blog including which browsers readers use to access my blog, countries of readers, which blog posts are the most popular, and search keywords that bring readers here.

One of the keyword groups that bring the most people here is when someone searches for the phrase
Disadvantages of Homeschooling.  That's why I used that for my title today.  *wink*  These metrics are also how I know what people tend to look for when they arrive here.

Why would I care?  Well, not to pander to the middle-of-the-roaders and not to convince naysayers.  I care because I dislike the stereotypes out there.  The stereotypes of weird homeschooler, the stereotype of rudderless atheist, and the stereotype that we parents are powerless and confused. 

Some would say that my blog is TMI.  And I would agree some of the time!  But I am out and open deliberately.  It is in my personality to be very authentic and open.  Sometimes this is... AAAAAWKWARD!  But it is also in my personality to encourage, support, and guide people on their own paths.  I need to put my own struggle and vulnerability out there so that it becomes OK to struggle and feel vulnerable.

I can't help it!!!!!!!!  LOL

But my point is that I do, sometimes, look for ways to get my blog out there more.  I put my blog posts on Pinterest, I use links, I put those little share it buttons on each post.  Why?  Because I really enjoy this blog.  I tend to rant, muse, get distracted, ramble...   But I think I would have appreciated a blog and contact with other humans back in the early days of homeschooling, of being a new parent, and of being an atheist.  Now I would LOVE a blog about parenting teens with respect.

Oh yes!  If you are here for the disadvantages of homeschooling, I have a few posts on this blog.  If you're looking for that, you will find it here

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  1. Well, I will have to recommend your blog to others as I enjoy reading your content & I would love supporting you as a blogger/thinker/parent/teacher. Thanks for putting everything out there for readers like me! That brutal honestly is something I enjoy and it keeps me coming back.



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