Sunday, September 8, 2013

On the Down Side

Our family moved down here to Australia with the plan to be here for a year. My husband's IT firm State Side asked us if we would be willing to move here to Australia while a team of workers implemented some technical project for a company here in Brisbane. We agreed to that plan almost without hesitation. With that project well underway, and now a year into it, our family was asked if we would be willing to extend our stay in order to take on another project for another company down here, this one in Melbourne.
We gave it some thought and all decided to give it a green light. So we are here in Brisbane for about six more months, parts of that time will be spent in Melbourne! And it's exciting. And we're happy about it. We now expect to be home some time in February of 2014. Less than six months.

Less than six months...

Now we are keenly aware of being on the down side of the project, of sliding down the arc of our visit here, of wanting to make each moment count. When buying some laundry detergent the other day I heard myself wondering "Will this be my last bottle of this stuff here?" Of course it won't. Have you seen how much laundry we do around here?!

Telescopes at Moogera Dam:
The Southern Sky
But the point is that we have the sense of counting off the days. We are aware that our candle is burning.

We have some pretty great travel plans and ideas...hopefully they will all come to fruition. Knowing that our time here is limited, I am frustrated, at this moment, of still dealing with having the damn Flu.  I feel like I am wasting such gorgeous days being sick in this house in the dark!!!!!!!!

In the meantime, we have some people we still want to meet, some show and upcoming plans that we are looking forward to, and some possible surprise travel destinations!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for these last months as we slide down towards home!

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  1. YEA!!! Rounding second and on your way to third....the slid into home will be, well, a home run...hahah...Glad you have a firm date!

  2. That's so exciting! Melbourne is gorgeous :)


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