Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Amazing Online Activities for Atheist Parents...erm....KIDS!

I borrowed some of these links from another blogger with her permission. 

Thank you Godless Mom!

This post is formatted terribly, but I have got some great links to share and not alot of time:

12 Amazing Online Activities For Growing Critical Thinkers & Their Atheist Parents

Color a pterosaur 

Charles Darwin's Game

NASA's Space Place for Kids

Smithsonian Moon Walk Video SO much great stuff here!

Canadarm2 Simulator This game from the same space agency that gave us my hero, Chris Hadfield, lets you experience how to manipulate the Canadarm 2 at the International Space Station.

OlogyThis is the American Museum of Natural History’s web site for kids with endless hours of games and activities to do with our natural history   

National Geographic for KidsLittle know facts, polls, games and activities that teach kids about our world. Includes loads of stunning Nat Geo style photos.


Let me know if you try out any of these activities!

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