Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Many THANKS to John for going with me to vote today.
We saw some electioneers, a guy complaining about the electioneers, some old-timey election booths on display, and the cool new touch booth. 

Today was a pretty busy day for us. We had a good many things on the schedule for the day. 

CHECK OUT the video for VOTE LIKE THAT   

John and I started out at the climbing wall with a friend. From the climbing facility to the polling place we talked about elections, parties, what to expect, and American elections in general. Our family doesn't watch any television at all so John hasn't seen any of the political ads so he was curious about how so much money could be spent by candidates on just the yard signs that he has seen.  LOL  Next time I'll make sure to get him to watch some television ads so that he understands various propaganda methods used by various parties, candidates, and issues.

climbing wall
He generally tunes out radio noise, so I wasn't surprised that he couldn't recall hearing a single radio ad. This isn't really surprising as we seldom have the radio on except for when we are in the car... 

John went to the polling station with me and registered my votes for me. I explained what was on the ballot, including the propositions up for vote and the various seats. I like how the issues are now explained on the screen. When I first started voting there was a notation like:  Proposition 4a and the voter simply had to know things by their code numbers. When I was younger and not as informed I often voted for random judges and props. John and I talked about the unintended effects of uninformed voters.

Now information is so readily available for voters.  From issues on the ballot to judge seats to other candidates, it is far easier in 2014 to be an informed voter than it was a few decades ago. It's amazing!

So, I hope you voted too.  

My Gorgeous Son

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