Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Global Climate Change is a Hoax

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We started with The Eyes of Nye: Global Climate Change, followed by watching some speakers speaking on the topic of  global climate change as a hoax and reading some data on various news sources. John got it immediately, how one type of data and argument is far more compelling and meaningful than another. We did some reading on the subject and enjoyed a wide internet search. Now let's see how he puts his paper together and creates his own argument!

YES, this is a project to get a writer-phobic child writing.

We went on to discuss how to read and research material with an eye to developing a writing topic. His ability to brainstorm ideas floored me; I hope that way of thinking translates into creating a good paper.

If you have never seen the climate change opponents, I highly recommend spending some time with your teen, watching debate and conversation on the subject. The difference between both sides is amazing and telling, especially in how they approach debate with some proponents. John learned so much just from observing and discussing style. 

What I am enjoying about the project we are working on is that we are learning the writing process as well as learning so much about an issue that is important to him. He is also learning so much history of the topic, opponents and proponents of the issue, side topics such as legislation and the automotive industry's reaction to the data and the industrial revolution, he is appreciating the vetting process, the brainstorming process, even the early stages of developing a topic and exploring widely.

It makes me proud to see him embracing this project!

Is Global Climate Change a Hoax?
Good grief, what do you think we are over here, Crazy????


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  1. Karen, I'm a little confused by your post's title today. Are you saying that you believe climate change is a hoax? I didn't find anything in the post that indicates yes or no.

  2. "Good grief, what do you think we are over here, Crazy???? ;)" Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Love this! =)


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