Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Not Exactly Down Time

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Okay, two things.

I've been feeling quite the need to rest with my new cardiac arrhythmias to figure out and we've had guests in town for the past week. The heart stuff is well-tended after by my GP and by my cardiologist and I'm feeling quite comforted by the results of the many, many, many tests that we have run these two weeks or so. No need to worry, Dear Friends.

For this variety of reasons, no proper lessons have happened under this roof for about ten days.

HOWEVER, I want to tell you about some of the things that John and I have been doing together that has been so interesting and fun. We are doing three things. The first one is sharing favorite videos with each other. Really spending time in each other's online worlds and with each other's favorite things.

I recommend this. It is delightful, informing, and so interesting knowing exactly what is going in to the ears and head of my kid! He watches some pretty excellent Youtubers!

Friend's Visit
Second, John John and I have been watching Crash Course World History by John Green together. When we do this we watch each episode twice:  once for the entertainment value (which is considerable) and once to take notes and to really hear everything that goes by so quickly in John Green's inimitable reparte. We then Wiki everything we don't know, research the people, places, and events mentioned, and follow our own interests until they run out. It has been fascinating!

And third, we have watched several episodes of Penn and Teller's Bullshit.  Unless Penn's irreverence really offends you, these shows can be phenomenal.  Truly.  Today we watched an episode on gaming, season six, I think, that was great. We both felt truly informed after the show. We also enjoyed the episode on Wal-Mart.

Our very beloved friends from Pennsylvania have returned home, alas, and we are missing them already. But a return to our "usual" best friends is very welcome as we have been missing them too.

And I have put out this new episode of "The Secular Parents" entitled Deconversion Stories.  
Leave comments on you tube if you watch it....


It can feel quite alarming when you are unable to stick with lessons for one reason or another, but I've been reminding myself not to worry, living life is lesson!
And we humans are truly able to learn all of our lives! As homeschooling parents, as parents of a child participating in any form of education, what we truly want for our children is to catch the bug. We want them to WANT TO KNOW MORE. We want them to continue life long learning. And that's why I'm so confident that our not-exactly-down-time is not really down time...

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