Sunday, May 31, 2015

I'm, Confused

Are there certain things that just concern you and make you feel totally powerless? I have a few thing that, lately, are actually getting to me. I find myself feeling kind of PO'ed lately and that's just not me, you know? But something is on my mind this week and it I can't stop thinking about it.

I think of myself as generally positive most of the time, but I'm allowed to have my peeves.
  • When people act as though they know it all
  • Rude tailgaters
  • When people with dogs allow the dogs to jump on you and they say "they just want you to say 'hello'."
  • Inflexible belief in what is "right"
  • Center-of-attention types
  • When people confuse cutting sarcasm for humor
  • Parents who cannot/will not/do not parent lovingly
  • When parents slap their children in public
One of these things has absolutely annoyed and upset me this week...enough that I'm actually writing about it, though annoyed might be the wrong word. The thing on my mind is a thing that we have all probably seen before.

I was at an event where a young mother was slapping her small child for a reason that eluded me. The child was a small little thing, hiccuping with tears, licking his teary lips. I sat nearby and watched this affair fairly openly. Several times this child was slapped for some small sound or movement.

Look, it's difficult being a young mother and having a fear that people are observing you with censure and judgement. Though no one was actually observing this young mother with the slightest disapproval. It was her fear, though. 

I did not intercede.

I've seen scenes such as this time and time again. I wonder, is there is a meaningful way to trespass on this small family?

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