Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Atheist Parenting Blog WebRing

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If you are an atheist, secular, or humanist parent with a blog focused on raising a family, please consider joining my WebRing called Atheist/Humanist Parenting Blog Ring:

Click Here to join our webring.  *

This is a fun and easy way for other atheist parents to join together. Using this WebRing allows readers to browse from one blog to another blog with similar topics of writing. Having a supportive group of other bloggers can help you to share your blog writing and content with new readers.

If you want to join my little group of atheist/secular/humanist parenting blogs, please do click the link above. I hope you join this web ring; we'd love to have you!

And, another offer I'd like to make to parenting blog writers, I'd be interested in hosting some parenting blog posts here on My Own Mind blog. If you would like to submit a blog post to me for consideration, please send your blog post and contact information to:

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*  In order to add this webring to your blog, click on the above link to sign in to the ring. Then paste the code that is emailed to you for the webring into your blog layout as a gadget. OR navigate to the bottom of this page and click the JOIN button on the WebRing box.

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