Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Secular U.S. History

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Hey Secular and Atheist Homeschoolers!

Maybe you know about this already but someone just told me about a phenomenal website called US History that I'm exploring tonight and just had to come over here to spread it around. The website has links galore, access to free US History textbooks and other textbooks, a gift shop with cool stuff that nerds will love, interesting content on history issues, and so much more.

John and I are doing a year of Civics and US History during this election year. We have been very happy with the amazing resources online and we'll be adding this one. BTW, we also love the; check that one out too because it is almost the only resource you truly need. Not the only one you will want.  ;)

While we're at it
Do you have any good online resources
to pass along?


Also, a quick reminder to pop over to; check out the forums for Soup to Nuts and join in the conversations!

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