Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You are SOOO Gay

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The other day I was having dinner with my boys. Sitting across the table from them I was watching them telling stories, eating their meal, cutting up, cracking up, making me laugh. As I sat and watched, I noticed one more thing. They touch each other constantly.

When we walk they are holding hands, touching fingers, arms over shoulders. They are like bruhs, only better because there is no bickering.

As we waited for our check I looked over at my beautiful boys and said, You guys are SO GAY!

They both laughed and squealed I know, right!

John told me about how he and JD were at the mall the other day and when girls tried to get their attention the two of them would act like they were together. I've noticed it, many times, where John and JD have their hands or eyes on each other...alot...and are always smiling at each other and I think it is LOVELY.

I love this generation of kids. So many of them are open and loving about gender and sexuality issues possibly the first generation of kids ever to be so healthy about it. It makes me very proud of the entire generation. It's kind of adorable because almost every single friend of my kids claims to be bi-sexual even though they might obviously be homosexual or heterosexual. John told me that kids all claim bisexuality because, if you don't, people might call you a homophobe. Isn't that an interesting?

I love them so much!

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