Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Atheist Homeschoolers: WE ARE HERE!

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Through my Facebook feed I've seen several blog posts and articles on atheist/secular homeshooling just this week. Turns out my own blog post titled Secular Homeschool vs. Atheist Homeschool from the other day was kind of timely. While writing that post I felt particularly aware that I might be rubbing some people wrong, including some beloved friends. 

But my issue tonight is with the continuous struggle of atheist homeschoolers being heard and counted in the media.

I read some Pathos writers, mainly Hemant Mehta, and I listen to a single podcast, The Thinking Atheist podcast with Seth Andrews and I see some other major voices in the atheist world badmouthing homeschooling because of the religiosity of it, and they are right to. We all know how prevalent Christian nonsense is in the homeschool circles and how disgusting those materials can be. No doubt about it. We also know that atheist homeschoolers are rare, but we are here.

I did contact Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist podcast about his upcoming shows on homeschooling, planned for early April 2016:   
Seth, I DEARLY HOPE you have some actual atheist homeschoolers on our upcoming shows. PLEASE represent us!!! I am very able to offer you my own support as well as several dozen other atheist homeschoolers to join you on the show.
And I left him a link to this blog.

Who is Seth?

BeAsia and I with
Seth, The Thinking Atheist
Last year at the Gateway to Reason convention here in St. Louis I met Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist. Anyone can tell you how embarrassingly I was fangirling this man. His podcast The Thinking Atheist podcast was very instrumental in my own strengthening of my desire to be a very out and open atheist. His calm, clear, kind, informed demeanor is something that I connected with. So many angry and unpleasant atheist voices are out there and there is a place for all of them. But my own ethic is much closer to Seth's.

In the image on the right, my lovely friend and cohost from The Secular Parents on youtube, BeAsia McKerracher and I were able to meet and greet with Seth at the atheist convention here in St. Louis just off of the Washington University campus at a local watering hole. I embarrassingly asked him for a kiss...and I got one! From BeAsia.  :)

The thing is, it's very easy to find detractors to homeschooling as atheists. And I'm sure that that will be the focus of Seth's show because that is ALWAYS the focus of attention such as this. But what if someone made sincere effort to get the word out, get the interest out, get attention to those of us out here who are working so hard to get quality, preparatory educations for our children?

If atheist homeschoolers finally had a voice somewhere maybe publishers would be putting religion-free materials out there for homeschoolers. It shouldn't be this freaking hard for atheist parents to educate our children with quality and truth!

PLEASE tell what you think!

Are you an atheist homeschooling family? 

If so, I might have an idea. Contact me at the email address below. Help me to write a post about atheists who homeschool that is meaningful. 

In the meantime, here is a link to an EXCELLENT list of amazing online lectures for your kids! Let me know what you think.

John and I are exploring many of these online resources and are thrilled with them.

And I just found this website that reviews secular material

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