Friday, March 18, 2016

Free to Be

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When you find yourself moved by a book I think you should pass it on.

A few months ago my husband and I took the kids to an atheist convention called Skepticon. As we were walking in from lunch on the first day a friend of mine texted me and asked me to look out for a friend of hers at the convention. She told me that Kaleesha was there with her kids and with some other friends.

When my husband and I got into the venue a few moments later I was keeping an eye out for a single women with kids when someone tapped my on my shoulder. By the end of the night our kids were best friends and Kaleesha, Kaleesha's friend (who I will call Betty because she is not out and can not be out as an atheist), and I had embarked on a new and inspiring friendship. And BONUS, they all homeschool.

And it turns out Kaleesha later told me that she has been reading my blog for quite some time...and she totally knew who we were when she saw us at Skepticon, probably thanks to John John's blue hair.
Yes, Kaleesha was my first groupie.   ---------------------->
Kaleesha is the author is a couple of books; I want to tell you about her book Free to Be. Both Kaleesha and Betty are survivors, apostates from a couple of very evangelical quiverful extremist churches. Kaleesha, in her inimitable way, has chronicled her very difficult and extremely necessary and inevitable deconverstion in this book Free to Be. The thing that makes this book different from other deconversion books is Kaleesha's comes out on every single page. By the time I got a couple of pages in I started sending Kaleesha love notes. (grin) She is so likable and honest and interesting and intelligent. 

With our kids becoming BFFs it wasn't long before we started spending extended periods of time together and I totally fell for her kids too. And for Betty's kids.

Faces of BFFs have been obscured because Betty and her kids have to stay
 in the atheist closet
because of the penitentiary of their past believing community.

All of our kids have truly become so meaningful to one another.

It is my honor to recommend Kaleesha's book Free to Be. And, please, if you read it, leave a comment here and on Amazon!

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