Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gateway to Reason: St. Louis July 28-30, 2017

Have you ever been to an atheist convention?
My husband and I and the kids have been to several of them here in the States and we have always, without fail, loved every single one of them. The community of atheists at these conventions is always so interesting and...well, the opposite of homogeneous. Every convention has been unique and has had its own flavor and vibe.

This month in St. Louis we are holding Gateway to Reason, a fabulous opportunity for all atheist, freethinkers, humanists, and questioners to spend some time listening to intelligent and fun talk, to be entertained by some new, innovative performers, and to walk the halls to visit the tables with merch and information of all kinds. NOT to mention the evening events and the general hanging out and the meeting of like-minded people! Spend an hour, spend three days with us. You won't be sorry!

I've mentioned that I will be speaking at Gateway to Reason convention this year about being a first-gen atheist parent as you can see on this link. And I'm DELIGHTED. Not only will I be sharing some insight and support for all new or burgeoning atheist/freethought/humanist parents, I will also be leading a rather unique panel of people that include other first-gen atheist parents and their offspring. We will be available to take questions from the be there with your questions!

So come and check us out!

I will have a special thank you gift
 to all My Own Mind blog readers 
who introduce themselves to me at the conference.

(Also, for regular readers of this blog you can click on THIS LINK to hear my voice
and hear my name pronounced properly! 
I know URSKA enjoyed it!!!  😀)

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