Monday, August 21, 2017

Did Something Happen to You to Make You Reject the Lord?

I'll bet you sometimes wonder if this is all I ever think about. It's not; I promise. But this thing happened again and it came from a surprising source: my own mom.

Did something happen to you?!

Who would know better than my own mom the things that have happened to me in my life.  

It all comes down to how believers simply can't accept the fact that reason beats faith...and that that is enough for me. Believers are actually told by their religious leaders that SOMETHING bad must have happened to me to make me reject such an ever-loving god... SOMETHING catastrophic must have happened to me to make me turn my back on the lord. SOMETHING must have made me reject myself  if I am rejecting god. SOMETHING must have happened to make me love sin more than I love the lord! SOMETHING happened to make me reject the light for the darkness. SOMETHING I am doing or something I have done is making me choose myself over god.

NOPE.  🙂

Regardless of how many clergy people and religious leaders tell you such nonsense, it is not true at all. I oughta know!

Sometimes believers feel that they have a mission, a belief that they are urged by their god, to spread their beliefs, to spread the word.  These folks are reading and researching what to say to a person like me, a person who, in their mind, is rejecting the light of the lord for the darkness that I have chosen.

And no insistence on my part will change their mind.
Never mind the fact that I don't have any darkness in my life... 
Never mind the fact that I can track my deconversion completely.
Never mind the reality that none of their propaganda is true.

The very simple truth is that nothing bad happened to me.
I am completely happy.
I have learned enough to move entirely away from all religious nonsense.

That's the simple truth.


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