Friday, August 25, 2017

Hitch Slap

Would you believe I've never read any of Christopher Hitchens's books? Nor have I read any Michael Shermer. Or Richard Dawking.

I really just don't have to.
I'm already out of the mind trap of religion.

But the other day a friend mentioned Hitchens's book Letters to a Young Contrarian and I thought it sounded good, so I got it onto my ereader that very night. And I was right, it was good! In fact, it was excellent. I had no idea what an intellect Hitchens was. 

Up until this week my only exposure to Christopher Hitchens was an interview or two that I listened to any small part of, interviews where I found his personality quite a turn off on the interviews and I simply didn't have any interest in listening to him talk.

Until this week.

I now plan on reading more. He is so intelligent, cogent, and clear.

 Which of his books do you recommend and why?

Addendum, Aug 27, 2017: God is Not Good it is!

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