Monday, November 6, 2017

Female and Atheist

When I was active in my belief and in my religion and in my church I often wondered why there were no women in places of authority in the church. Masses never included females in any role, from the officiant to the servers to the readers. The Catholic church is extremely male-dominated, while my experience with truly good believers was that the most amazing humans who I ever came across were female. Nearly every single person in my religious circles whose goodness and leadership blew me away were women doing their part for the religion, maybe even more for the humans in the religion.

When I look back on my days in the religion several women immediately come to mind. And no men, actually. It seems that the women that were active leaders in the church were more focused on the humans in the church while the men were more active in the power and control part of the religion. Hmmm. I just realized that. Anywho...several women immediately come to mind, women whose overall personas were far more religious, spiritual?, better people than most of the males I was in regular contact with...except for maybe one guy, Mike.

These musings come on the end of some reading that I was doing tonight. In the September 2016 edition of The Atlantic is an article by Leigh Eric Schmidt, Edward C. Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor at the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University in St. Louis; the article is  Women Atheists Are Genuinely Considered Monsters. Really, that's the fricking title.

It's not bad enough that the majority of this stupid country actually says that they wouldn't vote for an atheist candidate. That's not enough. No, FEMALE atheists are genuinely considered monsters.

This is the country I am living in and you want me to love my country or not be able to consider myself an American. Well Screw you, Anyone Who Believes That Crap.

I get it. 
Women are supposed to be pious, loving, homemakers, virtuous.

I'm here to say that I am a PROUD, loving, caring, thinking, benevolent, good-natured, friendly, gentle person who is a completely OPEN and OUT ATHEIST.

And YOU, who would shout from the rooftops that believers are superior are wrong, You Monster! **

* Sorry for being so bitchy but I'm kind of feeling it lately and I'm calling it.
**  I'll be my normal self again sometime soon.

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  1. Don't apologise for your comments. They are the truth and as you say you are just "calling it" as it is!!!


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