Saturday, November 4, 2017

My Unpopular Opinions

My opinions are generally quite liberal.
I definitely have opinions that are unpopular and I don't mind if other people don't agree with me or share my opinions. It's nice that way.

For example, I don't have a problem with the font Comic Sans. I think it’s OK. 

I think anyone who wants to get married should have that right. Any colors, genders, races, WHATEVER. As long as a person is an adult, their life, their decision. Consenting adults.

Marijuana should be legal. Stupid murderous alcohol is legal. Ridiculously poisonous cigarettes are legal. Marijuana isn't even close to being as toxic as those two substances. 

Feminism. I don't think most people understand what it is. It's not freaking hatred of men. It's about equality.

David Bowie. Yuk. Not a fan. I don't like his voice, his persona, or his music.

I have no problem with suicide. If, at some point, you think your life is ready to end, it should be entirely within your right to end it. I especially am OK with PAS, physician-assisted suicide. I do NOT want every teen to run out and kill themselves; I'm only in favor of adults making that decision. I perfectly understand it if adults with mental illness or difficult circumstances make the decision to end their lives. I'm sure this is offensive as hell to some people and I'm sorry for that but I have strong reasons why I feel this way and I've given it alot of thought.

Virginity. It is stupidly a thing. Listen, I don't want my children out screwing indiscriminately, but I don't value virginity as a thing of value or anything. Intact hymen doesn't suggest character, goodness, or anything of value. I consider virginity expectations a total shame game we play with females to control them.

Cloche hats. I SO wish they were still a thing. They are fricking darling and adorable and go with everything. Mostly.

I'm absolutely OK with disco. Not a fan of 80s music. At all.

Not a fan of  Disney in any way. Tangled, Frozen, Whatever.

Sports. I simply don't care. But more than that, millions and millions of dollars are made and spent over games. Players are payed ridiculously overpriced salaries. Owners of teams pass so much cash around it's irresponsible. What a stupid thing to spend money on. What a time waste. What is with the hype? I was raised in a sports household; I know what I'm talking about.

Coffee is truly disgusting. It smells good, I'll grant you that. But it's nightmarish on the stomach. And spending five bucks on a cup of coffee at Starbucks? It's unfathomable. Spending that kind of money on something that destroys your stomach.

Columbus Day is embarrassing and ethically wrong.

Nationalism makes absolutely no sense. 

Human life here on Earth...not impressed overall.
I often think that our species, as many good qualities as we have, could disappear and the planet would be all the better for it. The other life here on the planet would benefit from our absence. Secondarily, a world-wide decimation of 80% of humans would be OK with me. 

I simply do not understand the value of diamonds and gold. So much money, so much violence. Just wear other gemstones. Bling away.

Am I simply spewing negativity with this post?
Well, maybe.
But I think the comic sans thing had it coming...



  1. Don't like 80's music or coffee...I don't know... ;) FYI, cold brew coffee is supposed to be gentler on the stomach but if you're not a coffee lover to begin with, you probably won't want to spend the time on it. Me, I've been drinking coffee since I was still on the bottle so I will probably always love it.

    1. I'm a tea drinker...even that isn't gentle enough on my stomach.


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