Wednesday, April 11, 2018


We have a very good friend who often says that he believes in all of the religions. That makes him an Omnist. Omni, meaning all, the belief in all. Omnists accept the truth of all religions. 
I'm thinking the Omnists would be likely to have one of those Coexist bumper stickers on their car. I'm sure most Omnists think of themselves as spiritual  rather than religious.

I'm sure there is a spectrum of Omnism, so any definition would, therefore, be incorrect. 
But let's look at it a bit anyway.

I can understand the willingness to be open to the wisdom of all belief systems; I'm sure there is at least some wisdom and knowledge available in many forms and under many guises. I get that. I can wholly appreciate the perceived equality of it all; there is no superior group or belief system. I can dig that. I'm assuming that an Omnist generally accepts the beliefs of all religions.

I can appreciate the Omnists' efforts to be equitable and accepting of all. 
I can appreciate the desire to be open to consider all things.
I can sincerely appreciate the soul searching.

HOWEVER, and maybe this is simply my own shortcoming, I see all the religions as very unworthy of devotion. Futhermore, 
I don't see how a person can accept that there are all-knowing gods, cultural gods, local gods, that we ourselves are gods, and that there are no gods...all at the same time. Not to mention the gods that are no longer worshiped. Or that these gods are knowable and the same time. That there are various afterlives and no the same time. Not to mention the many ways that some religions' beliefs obliterate the beliefs of other religions. I cannot accept the validity of any single religion, much less all of them.

In conclusion, I want to respect the Omnist.
Alas, I cannot unless that Omnist is young and searching,  as our friend is.
I don't see it as a place to stand.
It seems like a cop out to me. It is not choosing, not deciding, not 

accepting the falseness and bullshit inherent in the system. Religion is a the bathwater and Onmism seems to be unable to separate the bathwater from the baby.

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  1. This is an interesting blog post about an observation of omnism. I'd like to present my response to your readers and yourself.

    Let me start with confirming that indeed there is a spectrum of omnism, as you put it. Ranging from theistic omnists to atheistic omnists. I sincerely consider myself a non-theistic omnist.

    Concerning the definition, it seems to be so that there are still lots of misconceptions about omnism. Omnism is not a religion, nor do we believe in all religions. How can one anyway? Several religions contradict each other, but yes also these contain elements of truth. Omnism is rather complex, and at the same time it is very simple, and that is why I think it needs to be explained correctly to the public, in order for it to have a fair chance in the spectrum of (spiritual) philosophies.

    Now, there is a definition that I really like and that more and more omnists can associate with:

    One of the misconceptions is that omnists allegedly beleieve that all the various gods and deities can exist at the same time, even when many of those allegedly make others their existence impossible.

    Here's where people miss the point. Omnism is not about recognizing deities and gods. It's about recognizing the certain extents of truth that exist in religions, spiritual paths and all the other aspects of life, including science, politics etc.

    Because of this one can certainly be an omnist and of age at the same time. In fact, an omnist should become more skilled and wiser, because of his/her spiritual philosophy (omnism) through the years.

    You could say that some sort of mastery can be reached only when one has spent enough time practicing omnism.

    I hope that this has answered some of your questions and I hope that you, should you want to know more about us, visit our community's information center at

    Kind regards,

    Koen Jacobs

  2. I appreciate your information, Koen.
    I wrote this piece after only the slightest bit of reading and study. Omnism was a brand new concept for me and I enjoyed learning more about it.


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