Thursday, October 18, 2012

Five Battles I No Longer Fight

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One of my favorite homeschool bloggers out there is Andrea, author of the blog Notes From a Homeschool Mom. She always comes up with wisdom that hits me between the eyes or puts context to something I can't quite put my finger on. Love her blog, check it out.

Anyway, she did a post called "Five Homeschooling Battles I No Longer Fight". Her list is GREAT and inspiring! So I am challenging myself, now, to write a post similar to hers. I want to prove to myself that I am truly moving forward and becoming a "better" me.

But, even more than that, I am aware that I gotten tired of hearing myself say things again and again and again! I have lost the desire to battle those who can't embrace the lifestyle we have chosen.
Here is my list:
  1. I no longer keep homeschooling records. 
    I haven't kept them for years.  No one I know has ever been challenged by any authority to show their record books and so, after about five or six years of doing this, I decided it was just time-consuming and unnecessary.
  2. I no longer speak for my children when people ask them "where do you go to school?"  I now step back or move away a bit and allow them to speak for themselves. Allow them to handle the questions that the other person might come up with.  The kids themselves make great advocates for homeschooling because they are so well-spoken and cool.
  3. I no longer wait for anyone else to create a group or activity that interests us.  Now, I simply create those groups, activities, and events myself and spread the news that the opportunities are now available.
  4. I no longer read "Rainbow Resources" catalog from cover to cover. I no longer underline, check mark, and fold over pages of the necessary stuff that I WANT. In fact, I never open it at all! I don't CARE what is out there, we do what we do and I have done the research for hundreds of hours. I'm cool with what we use.  And,
  5. I no longer look at the "What to Learn in the Eighth Grade" type websites or books.  These collections of someone's idea of what we "should" do or "should" know are absurd and almost never include the cool stuff that we DO do.
I'm not as good as Andrea at standing up and saying "THIS is who I am," but I'm working on it! That is the thing I have always been working on in my life...but I'm getting better because that is a battle worth fighting for.


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  1. Seems like you are doing OK to me. Thanks for the mention!

  2. You & Andrea must be so patient, I am a great SAHM but adding schooling to it... I'm struggling to teach my 3 yr old colors! :) Danica

    1. Danica, you will get there too!
      I remember feeling quite frustrated in those days too...
      Life will hand you lessons just from the living!

  3. From a second year homeschooler to you, wise woman,
    I thank you for sharing this :)

    I'm not there yet, but headed that direction.
    I've only managed #4 so far.

    1. HEY, haven't seen you in awhile!
      If you have managed to avoid the RR catalog then you are half way there!

  4. Great list--especially #1 and #5. Very freeing, indeed!

    1. I'm glad to hear it!
      Andrea's original post was GREAT for me...especially #3!


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