Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road Trip: Somewhere Between Sunshine and Gold

Map of South East Queensland with distances from Brisbane
We live in the "busy" part of the Australian state of Queensland, south east Queensland, midway between an aptly-named city called Sunshine Coast and another aptly-named city called Gold Coast.  This area and its surroundings are often referred to as "Surfer's Paradise".
Now, we don't surf (yet), but we do enjoy the extended drive now and then and we've been SO excited by our destinations!  Within an hour's drive, I can drive south to Gold Coast, north to Sunshine Coast, and among the finest beaches anywhere.

ME!  I can do this!  LOL  (I was born and brought up in a part of the United States called The Bread Basket and The Plains.  Where I am from, it is flat flat flat and dry.)

Gold Coast is quite Miami-like, minus the crowds that typify Miami beaches (so far) and minus the extreme heat.  While in Gold Coast, a visitor could find dozens and dozens of wonderful city parks and free access land.  And the beaches???  White sandy beaches for miles.
And don't forget the jellyfish!  These beaches are also known for their jellyfish.  So we tip toe around the sand.  But the locals run free and never look down!  I'm hoping to lose my own fear soon!
We have seen jelly fish strewn all over beaches.  The blue bottles are to be feared, apparently, but BOY are they blue!  They look like, well, BLUE BOTTLES laying on the beach.  They are MUCH too gorgeous to be so sting-y.
I understand Gold Coast has a bit of Miami's "party town" rep as well...
In addition, several great theme parks, including water parks, ocean world parks with coasters, Warner Brother's Movie World, and many more parks and holiday resorts.

Now, let's travel an hour or so north of our home.  Now we are at Sunshine Coast.  A gorgeous and family-friendly locale.  Many unbroken miles of white sandy beaches.  Yes, St. Louis friends, these beaches are gorgeous.  With a slight, cooling breeze, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (except for the faces of my children!) 
Also, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo is in Sunshine Coast!!!!  Now I have your attention, don't I?!

The southeast portion of Queensland has another feature that I must mention:  it's climate.
The people living here often warn me of the hot days ahead.  But when they quote temps to me, I just laugh!  They don't know that our hometown, the average temps can range from below zero F to 110 F.  This area of Queensland, the temps are SO MILD!  The averages range from 50F to about 95F, with little humidity.
We have been here for almost two months and have seen one light rain in the evening and some sprinkles overnight.  I know it WILL rain, but the temps this entire time have been AMAZING.
Paradise-like, even.

And, in between these two coastal cities, sprawling on either side of Brisbane, many many many small coastal towns with mangrove forests, beaches, quays, harbors, mud flats, parks, pools, and many local beach-front centers.  We have visited some of these small villages and towns and will visit MORE!  Each one has it's own flavor and culture around the lovely sea walls, bays, and bogs.


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  1. It is interesting to know some important geographical information about Australia. Thanks for pointing out the southeast part of Land Down Under as well.


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