Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bonobo and a Grammar Nazi

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The other day we were driving along and my son had a point to make. He started the conversation with “Mom, you’re a grammar Nazi, right?”

I have to admit, I guess I am.  It's hard, at times, being a grammar Nazi because if I go back and reread a blog post or a FB post, I am mortified when I find that it reads awkwardly or even, as in one case, says the opposite of what I meant!  I frequently type "now" instead of "not".

Grammar and spelling and punctuation and rhetoric all mean something to me. I'm proud to say that my kids use all of that internetspeak and I don't even FLINCH when I read odd/phonetic spelling or BRB or ROFLMAO. I may cringe a little though...

While reading novels, I almost always find grammatical or spelling errors and I think how mortifying it would be to me to have a book of mine out there with misspellings! I AM mortified by my own memes with misspellings.

My daughter is quite a grammarian, but imagine my chagrin at reading Bonobo's writing. His spelling is appalling. And my husband comforts him by saying, "Don't worry!  I can't spell either!"
AAAAAACK. So that I don't shame him, I've had to change what I deem important as I read materials written by Bonobo. He gets so embarrassed and frustrated when handwriting. He gets frustrated when typing too, but not as much. He's very sensitive to anything he deems "criticism" instead of support...just as I do.

I struggle to adjust my expectations to his ability level but I need to keep challenging him. He's twelve; I believe he needs to be able to type and to put his thoughts onto paper. With a computer he has the benefit of Spellcheck and other apps to assist with writing...  But he still gets very frustrated, almost to the point of tears. At times I have transcribed his words. When I do this, I can see good writing structure and grammar, some necessary basics for good writing.

Also, Happy Earth Day!

What do you do to help your child with handwriting and such? Do you have a child who abhors picking up a pencil or a pen? (a stylus, yes.  a pencil, no.) What other strategies are out there for this challenge?  Is it a "boy thing" or not?


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  1. LOL That's SO me. I'm really good at the grammar part of grammar, commas and such. But I'm always switching around words. Fought and fault, for example. I really can't explain why my brain does it either. grrr...


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