Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're in New Zealand!

OK, just a very quick blog post to let you know that our family is on holiday in New Zealand! This country is a country of extremes. Milder North Island and colder South Island. We are on the North Island visiting some gorgeous places that most people only get to see in their dreams!

From sublime beaches to amazing Hobbiton, this vacay has already exceeded our expectations...and we still have five days to go.

For your entertainment, here are some pics of our trip...I'll post more when I get back home to Brisbane. I'm trying to post more now, but my connection is quite slow...AND I want to get back to the beach!

On the beach at Waipu Cove

Beautiful sunrise on The Bay of Plenty

Waipu Beach, using a timer.  It worked!  LOL

At an excellent spot near Waipu Cave

Waipu Cave...See the Glow worms!

The explorers about to descend into Waipu Cave

Near Waipu Cave, we found these amazing rock formations
that were very much like a maze!

In Waipu Cave

My amazing family!

More of the FASCINATING rocks formations.

LOTS MORE PICS to come!  
Including HOBBITON!

One day, I hope YOU get to come to New Zealand!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. The surroundings look amazing--as if nearly untouched by the hands of modern man. Hope your brood is having a fabulous time! Looking forward to more pics...

  2. Hi Karen!

    NZ is beautiful and your photos are too! I want to thank you for all your comments and support on my blog. I only seem to get to it every couple of months, but it's lovely to know someone cares....bahahaha! Your blog is fascinating and I could easily while away many hours here... but unfortunately lesson prep calls and I must away to print cassowary colouring sheets and mazes else I'll feel guilty tomorrow.

    Thanks again and enjoy NZ - my bro lives there - he is Animation Supervisor for The Hobbit!

    xx Catherine.

    PS Hope you can make it to Sutton's Beach one day soon!

  3. Those are some pretty sweet rock formations! Also, love the hobbit home. It's my husband& i's dream to build one in the country where we can grow our own food.



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