Thursday, July 4, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

In an effort to get the kids out of the house without me today I devised an excellent lesson.  They are working on a scavenger hunt.  They have taken a camera and a list that I wrote and are now out walking around the area taking pictures of things on the list.

Just within our neighborhood are a gorgeous community garden, a tennis club, two playgrounds, and lots of shops.  Their job is to take pictures of a "traditional Queenslander" (a type of house), another person out for a walk, a blue car, a slide, a tennis club sign, several specific shots at the community garden, a wind chime, and a few other things.

Just so that you don't get the wrong idea and think how BRILLIANT I am, lol, they are, shall we say, involuntarily doing this activity.  Elizabeth stomped away saying, "This is so stalkerish, Mother!" and John was resigned saying *sigh* "Come on, let's get it done, Sis."

The worst part of it is that John will have to deal with Elizabeth while out on the walk.

But here is a little trick that, upon reflection, sounds a bit like a naval general.  When they are all bored around the house, if they can go for a walk and be mad at me, probably talking trash, they come back and are SO HAPPY, so joined as a team, and, usually, take a loooooong time out together.  They almost always return from their Mom Bashing as a very tight team.

Wind Chime

Dragon Fruit

Scare Crow

Tennis Club Sign

I don't pull this one out of my pocket very often.   But when I do I feel quite confident that they are no longer bored.  They are now back and just LAUGHING and laughing and having a great time!

In the future, they will be looking for letters, words, shapes, other clever ideas.
On pinterest I've created about a dozen photography challenge lists, check them out if you like this idea.  Here is an example but I have several others in my "Hobby Info" board:

A special HELLO to readers in The US and in gorgeous New Zealand!
AND for AMERICANS in Australia!

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  1. Oh sure, no special hello for other Americans in Australia. ;-)

    I think that was a great idea.

  2. A little enemy of mine enemy is my friend bonding time, eh? :) It's funny how everyone drags their feet at the idea of a scavenger hunt, yet everyone has fun doing them!

    1. I don't know how secret it will be if one of the kids read it here though.


  3. love this idea Karen. Breydin gets so tired of hearing "can you play with your sister in the yard for awhile while mom gets "x" done?" This makes things a l lot more fun and like you said gives them them "us against her" mentality which is usually a good thing at that moment.. -Ame'

  4. Fun!

    My two were discussing the fun we used to have doing scavenger hunts indoors on those cold, wet afternoons when they were younger. I think I'll have to put one together for them again as a surprise one day, and remind them they're not too old to have fun with it still. :)


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