Monday, July 29, 2013

The Day I Learned to Love Nerf Gun Bullets

I have been thinking this post for awhile.  Rachel over at Hands Free Mama blog gave me my blog title today with her blog post entitled The Day I Stopped Saying "Hurry Up".
Look behind the couch, in the curtains, behind my door, in the laundry, in the hallway, on top of the cabinet, under the table, between the shelves, in the cabinet, or in my purse and you will find Nerf gun bullets.  They are everywhere.  I used to see them, huff, and say, "JOHN, please pick up these TOYS!!!"
One day I started thinking about how the Nerf bullets are here, there, and everywhere and I thought that one day, one day... they will be missing.  
John, today, at the St. Louis Art Museum
 in Forest Park. 
Cool Stick.
My cabinets will contain only food.  The bathtub will be action-figure-free.  No one will be singing in the bathroom.  Or reading for half an hour.  No one will be there ahead of me, walking too slow.  There will be no sound of boys telling intricate stories in the other room.  Clothes pins and sheets will be folded up and put away, no longer forts and hide outs.  Closets will contain clothing instead of Nerf arsenals.  No complex, ongoing spy games.  No whittling.  No Legos.  No Yugioh.  No absolutely up-to-the-minute and current web news.  No one running down the hallway.  No wet towels hanging out back near the drippy sprinkler.

Toast for breakfast instead of pancakes.  Solitaire instead of FLUXX.  A few dishes per day instead of two full loads.  Refrigerator handles will be annoyingly clean and dry.  It will be easy to walk through the front door.  Toilets and sinks will be tidy and clean.  Stairs will be hazard-free, snow undisturbed, full ice cream boxes.  Tape on the door will have no new tick marks and dates, no rusty trampoline in the back yard... already the swing set is gone.  No fingernails to cut.  No hair to color.  No pockets to empty.  No tears from hearing of social injustices to dry.  No anger at stories of hatred, insensitivity, selfishness, environmental disasters, or unfairness of every kind to share.

No one talking to me about the minutia of an inexplicable computer game or card game.  No more stories of bafflingly funny titles of Youtube videos that would never even be on my radar.  No giggles and sunny smiles.  No more walks in the park listening to his fears and dreams.  No more forehead pressed to mine.  No more fingers creeping over to hold mine.  No one touching my smile with a single finger...  

I will miss having a toy-free laundry load.  For now, I'm OK with it...


I walked around the house for about five minutes 
and found these shots!

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  1. Foolish to leave so much ammo lying around... sounds like someone is begging to be ambushed!!

  2. I LOVE this post! Honestly, I got me choked up.

    Time is so fleeting. I try to make the most of every moment, hour, day, etc. But, I'll probably still look back and feel like it wasn't enough.

    Enjoy these precious times. <3


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