Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That's What She Said

Elizabeth and Tanaya, Nay Nay
Today my daughter's friend Tanaya is over: she and Elizabeth are hanging out.  Tanaya's family and ours befriended one another a few weeks ago and we really feel like we've met our best mates!  Tanaya, a newbie homeschooler, has agreed to be interviewed for my blog.  She and Elizabeth are sitting playing a board game as we talk:

How long have you been homeschooling?
We started a couple of months ago, I haven't started the school work. We are unschooling. Unless you count the music, some people do.
Tell me about your music.
I am learning how to play the piano and we use AMEB music school online, online theory course grade two.  Also I'm taking lessons with an awesome teacher:  Jane.
Explain why you are homeschooling.
School was too much. I couldn't fit in, I was musical and everyone was sporty.
Were you bullied?
Did you have many friends?
No, not really. They all tended to move. I would find a friend, then they would move.
Do you want to say more about school?
No.  Not at all.

Elizabeth:  I'm sorry sweetie, we're about to move.
I know...thanks!
Elizabeth:  Sorry! We'll come back for a visit; I promise!

How long did you think about homeschooling before doing it?
My brother was homeschooling, so we thought about me homeschooling for about two weeks before choosing it.
How did you feel when it finally started?
I felt great. It was wonderful. It felt as though great weight was released from my shoulders.
And how are you feeling now, months later?
I love homeschooling. That pretty much sums it up.
What is the procedure for figuring out what work to do for a family who homeschools here in Brisbane?
We did a diagnostic test and from that they figure out what way to go, what you can do, what is best for you.  We go through distance education (school at home) with Groves Christian College.
Did you take the (placemen) test?
Yes, I did pretty well. That's why they're not too concerned at all for me right now.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Something, anything to do with music!
What has inspired you in your music?
Everything! What inspires me...hmmm... I guess it was my grandparents who passes away a few years ago. They loved music and they listened to it all of the time. My mother listens to music all of the time too. I decided to try it one day and I really loved it! 
Do you get out to see friends?
Yes! All of the time! Play music, go shopping, go to movies, play Lazerforce, play board games, ice skate. About anything that we enjoy or that our group enjoys.
What sorts of challenges have you faced with homeschooling so far?
Nothing so far.
Would you like to visit America?
YES. I'd love to visit other countries. It would be a lovely cultural experience that I would remember forever. I would love to go anywhere where I can learn a new culture, somewhere where I can learn.

HEY!  I wasn't paying attention to the game and Elizabeth just beat me!

Tanaya with Harrison Craig

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