Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celestial Teapot Magazine

Hey, I've got a new gig...check it out!!!!!!!!

This online magazine is for atheists and atheist parenting.  I will be writing a parenting column each issue.


Send your questions for the Q&A part of each column.


Please send your questions for upcoming columns. Questions or comments should be sent to the following email address: Karen (dot)
Your email should include the words Celestial Teapot Parenting Question in the subject line.

Send me a question so that I'm not left hanging!

Ironically, for my friends and readers here,
 this exciting project is coming at a time when I am feeling so wordless inside...
I haven't been blogging in awhile and I feel so unable to figure out what to write.  
My son told me that I should put up a blog post called Blogophrenia 
and describe this condition of feeling unable to think or write.

Hopefully some new thoughts will come into my head
and pour out onto these blog spaces

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